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New Materials for Surgery


New Materials for Surgery

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  • MAT-ALL/High Performance Metals and Alloys/Materials

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Leading Institute
Institute of Aviation Materials, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • MISIS (Steel and Alloys), Russia, Moscow\nAll-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Non-Organic Materials named after A. Bochvar, Russia, Moscow


  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA, CA, Livermore

Project summary

Surgery is one of the important medical spheres. Progress of it is not possible without development and application of the new materials both for the surgery instruments and implantation parts. The instruments and parts make great quality demands as they can’t break down in exploitation. Applied materials should not react with organism and in a contact with it should not produce toxic substances.

The next requirement is related to the cutting ability. It’s a very tough demand for the jawal-and-facial surgery as it connected with post-operation stitches. One of the methods is scalpels with artificial gem cutting part (for example, leuco-sapphire). But these instruments have a number of disadvantages:

— first of all it’s a high level of cost (price per unit is up to 200 USD);
— complicated sharpening procedure (practically it is one use instrument);
— the cutting part can be destroyed because of high brittleness (lack of plasticity).

That is why the problem of development and designing of the metal surgery instruments with improved cutting ability is still urgent one. Stainless steel and titanium alloys are used for this purpose.

The aim of the project is designing and development of progressive titanium alloys and technologies of instrument production, as well as complimentary materials and part for surgery purposes.

Lately over the world there is an interest to apply titanium alloys in non-military industry. But the high cost of alloys production and technologies restrains a wide application. In a number of countries, first of all in Japan, essential efforts have been put to develop new alloys and reduce cost of semi-finished products. As a first step expensive vanadium component in alloy Ti-6%Al-4%V has been substituted by the cheap iron addition (Ti-5,5%Al-1%Fe). Cost reduction was insufficient. And the task was to find innovative new approach in titanium alloys production for the wide application in the different industrial spheres. Solution was found on the way of Ti-Fe-O-N system. Substitution of Al-component in the alloy for O-N combination allowed to increase technological properties and preserve strength and corrosion-resistance properties. However scientific investigations implemented in this area are not sufficient to launch wide-scale titanium alloy production for surgery needs.

Thus, Ti-Fe-O-N alloys can be applied in the different scientific and technical areas and the project in question is devoted to the development of new Ti-Fe-O-N system titanium alloys for surgery needs.

The project has a non-military aim and correspond to the tasks and targets of International Science and Technology Center.

Expected Results

Results of fulfilled project:

— new titanium alloys for surgery instrument;
— new titanium alloys for surgery wires and technology of wire production;
— new technologies for production of surgery instrument from new alloys (casting technologies and metal forming technologies);
— decreasing cost of full production cycle of new manufacturing articles by 10-25%;
— fulfillment of this project will give a large ecological profit, because cost decreasing does allow to increase using areas (it’s mean that a lot of dangerous action for organism will be eliminated);
— pilot units of surgery instruments and surgery wires.


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