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Automatic Protection Against Floods


System of the Automatic Alarming and Protection Objects and Territories Against Disaster Floods

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  • ENV-EHS/Environmental Health and Safety/Environment

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Horowicz L

Leading Institute
National Academy of Sciences of Kyrgyzstan / Institute of Automatics, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek


  • TechniDATA, Germany, Markdorf

Project summary

Project Goal - development of technical facilities for alarming and automatic protection object and territories against disaster floods system.

Practically, at the present time there aren't reliable systems for protection industrial and agricultural objects against floods. Disaster floods damage the industrial and agricultural objects and the population.

Hydraulic engineering water in let constructions on the small and medium size rivers in mountain and foot mountain areas of the irrigating agriculture are characterized by complex technology processes. These processes connected with the fast changes of the river flow that caused by temperature increasing and precipitation abundance. Very often these short time downpour floods creates emergency in the hydraulic engineering water in let constructions. When it is thunderstorm and if the electric power supply breaks off then people should manipulate by hands with the water gates. If also these constructions are maintained episodically then the likelihood of hydraulic engineering elements destruction and flooding of bordering territories is increasing.

It is very important to inform authorities and rescue services timely about flood and it's nature and intensity for acceptance of urgent measures for the population protection and economic damages reducing.

Systems of the floods alarming that are used by the Extreme Situations and Civil Defense Ministry are based on the region operators messages. Data for these messages are collected by the different ways and delivered to the Central Post by radio or telephone communication channels. As a rule, these data aren't formalized and unreliable. They don't reflect the real situation, because they have no instrumental and technical reinforcement. In this case, the active protection against floods is out of the question.

During the project activity the decision of the following tasks is provided:

· Development of the mathematical models of the water flow motion processes in rivers (channels) in case of flow rate fast increasing.

· Development of the mathematical models of the load increasing to hydraulic mechanical equipment elements under downpour flood evolving.

· Development of the information system of alarming (ISA) about disaster floods.

Proposed system of automatic alarming and protection will be the one whole complex that consist of hydraulic engineering constructions equipped with the automatic gates, ISA and interface ISA with automatic gates equipment. This system will ensure receiving information about start flood, it's nature and intensity and also permit to lead water superfluous to river or channel bed. It prevents hydraulic engineering constructions destroying and washing away of the channel dams and bordering territories flooding.

Automation Institution of Kyrhgyz Academy of Science carried out the researches of the automating problems of the irrigation systems for some years. Fundamental theoretical elaboration of scientific questions of creation of automatic water distributing system permits to solve some problems of the operating methods and technical equipment development. The large cycle of the scientific researches has been carried out. As a result, mathematics models of the irrigation objects and operating algorithms for autonomous water flow distributing system and original hydraulic regulators constructions have been developed. These constructions use water power without preliminary transformation.

The main principles of complex telemechanical systems building that ensure the main functions of telemetry, supervisory indication and telecontrol have been developed in the irrigation objects automatic telemechanization sphere. Numerous publications (more than 300 scientific works and inventions) permit to judge about project participants high skill and their ability to solve the project goals.

Proposed project belongs to applied researches category.

Project researches will give a probability to develop mathematical models of flow water motion processes in open river bad in case of water flow rates fast increasing. Then the main hydraulic parameters that have influence to the nature of forming flood wave will be revealed. Analytic and experimental researches of the flood wave influence process dynamics to hydromechanical equipment elements will give a possibility to develop the mathematical model of the loading to the hydraulic engineering construction elements under the downpour flood. On the base of this model the constructions for automatic protection against floods will be developed and realized.

Using of hydraulic automatic equipment without water power intermediate transformation in the antiflood systems will allow to reduce considerably the expenses for hydraulic engineering constructions electrify and building of the power stations and electric power supply lines.

Investigation of the principles of the information alarming system building will allow to develop the algorithm for information exchange and also the equipment and software for ISA. Interface ISA with automatic gates will promote the increasing of system speed of response and the realization of the most difficult algorithm of the hydromechanical equipment function under the extreme conditions. Project researches will be focused to find the most effective technical decisions which will be used for the following engineering works.

During the project activity the weapon scientists will have possibility to direct their abilities and skills to the peace activity.

The problem which is connected with alarming and protection against floods is important not only for Kyrghyzstan but for many countries. So we can say that this project will help to support the applied researches in the field of environment influence to the safe and health and also will permit to involve the weapon scientists to international scientific community.

During the realization of this project the using of the mathematics and computer and physics modeling are provided. Hydrometry methods of the measuring of water flow rate increasing intensity in case of downpour floods will be used. The researches of flood forming in small and medium size channels that carry out under the real conditions and with fixing discharge transformation processes will allow to estimate the mathematics models adequacy.

During the project researches realization it is provided:

· information exchange between project executors and collaborators;
· joint seminars and conferences;
· checking and estimation of technical facilities for the protection against flood.

Authors of this project invite the foreign collaborators to take part in support and realization of the project.


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