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New Alternating Current Generator


Alternating Current Contactless Generator with Variable Speed of Rotor

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  • NNE-MEC/Miscellaneous Energy Conversion/Non-Nuclear Energy
  • OTH-ELE/Electrotechnology/Other
  • SAT-SUF/Surface Transportation/Space, Aircraft and Surface Transportation

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Leading Institute
Georgian Technical University, Georgia, Tbilisi


  • Provera GmbH, Germany, Meersburg

Project summary

The proposed project foresees creation of two model-stands of collectorless generators working with variable speed of rotor.

The proposed generator can find a wide application in all kinds of means of transportation working in extreme conditions, in autonomous sources of electric power etc. Absence of mechanical unit (brush-collector) enables the generator to work in moist, oily, explosive and aggressive environment, but the resource of its work is limited only by wear of bearings.

As it’s widely known generators used in means of transportation at present (let’s call them No.1) work with variable speed of rotor and for maintenance of necessary voltage and current for charge of board batteries require corresponding changing of the generator rotor magnetizing which is carried out by means of electronic system of automatic control via brush-collector to the generator rotor exciting coil.

There are also collectorless generators (No.2) of alternating current (inductors) with self-magnetizing rotor that includes exciting winding and diode and the energy rotor excitement is transformed straight from the stator. But such generators are unable to give stable voltage at variable speed of rotor.

Interesting work has been carried out on contactless transmission and control of direct current energy to the generator rotating rotor. (No.1). In 1998 a patent application has been made (Patent Pending, Application NoA1998003192.

Contactless transmission and control of energy of direct current to the rotating rotor can be also used in the generator-inductor (No2) changing diode in the rotor for controlled electronic key and thus to use generators-inductors in the variable speed mode of the rotor (is ready for patenting).

Such solution gives us the possibility to develop generators of more high power with a high efficiency. In the basis of proposed collectorless generators of alternating current working in the mode of variable speed of the rotor there is an original, not having analogues, contactless method of transmission and automatic control of energy of direct current for exciting of the generator rotating rotor.


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