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Electromagnetic Field and Petroleum Distillation


Research of Influence of an Electromagnetic Field on Petroleum Distillation Process

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  • CHE-IND/Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Process Engineering/Chemistry
  • CHE-THE/Physical and Theoretical Chemistry/Chemistry
  • NNE-FCN/Fuel Conversion/Non-Nuclear Energy

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Leading Institute
AO MontazhEngineering, Kazakstan, Almaty

Supporting institutes

  • Institute of Physics and Technology, Kazakstan, Almaty


  • Flogen Technologies Inc., Canada, QC, Montreal\nCenter for Advanced Mineral & Metallurgical Processing, USA, MT, Butte

Project summary

The project purpose: Research of influence of parameters of a frequency electromagnetic field on oil distillation process. Last years the increasing development is received with researches of nonconventional ways of influence on oil and oil products: ultrasonic cavitation, electronic and scales - radiations, electroexplosion and others.

There are data on experiments on influence on oil of variable electromagnetic fields of high frequency (electromagnetic re-structuring of substance), allowing sharply to raise an output of light fractions at simultaneous reduction of power inputs.

Theoretical preconditions for carrying out of similar experiments are available.

Oil represents a mix of the substances having as various size and character of a magnetic susceptibility, and various size and character of electric polarizability.

Besides, oil represents system, which many properties, including electric and magnetic, are defined by a degree of association of their components, i.e. structure, the size and structure of the complex structural units formed as a result of association of various hydrocarbons molecules and other combinations.

Hence, it is possible to expect significant influence of non-uniform electromagnetic fields on oil and oil products properties which define technological parameters of the processes occurring at extraction, transportation and oil refining.

Processing of oil stream by a variable electromagnetic field results in decrease of deposition formation intensity. Distinctions of electric and magnetic properties of the substances making oil, result in change of structure associate oil. Interposition of oil components is broken and owing to movings initiated by an external electromagnetic field and turns molecular associates there are submicroscopic centers of crystallization in oil stream volume, instead on walls of pipes.

The degree of field influence on quantity of deposition is closely connected to size of intensity and increases at increase in last that is caused by distinctions of physical and chemical properties of structural oil components, their sizes and percentage.

Last deduction pays to itself special attention since has not received a due explanation of the parents of the apparent phenomenon.

Last decades active development of the theory of distillation and rectification processes is conducted at presence of magnetic fields.

Superposition of electromagnetic field at system, which builders have various magnetic properties, allows to increase an interval between components boiling points, that as show numerical calculations, conducts to diminution of distilling time of and heat decrease necessary for process.

Thus, research of electromagnetic field influence on properties of oil has the practical importance for development of oil distillation technology.

Joint-Stock Company "Montazhengineering" has an operational experience in scientific designs. Joint-Stock Company "Montazhengineering" was parent organization of the Republican target scientific and technical program «Development and the production mastering of minifactories on assembly, preparation and processing of oil slurry, oil spillages and crude oil, including from few discharge and back-country wells " in 1996-1999.

Joint-Stock Company "Montazhengineering" is one of executors in ISTC project # K-179 «Installation for the spilled oil and oil slurry gathering and conversion».

Joint-Stock Company "Montazhengineering" since 1995 conducts development of installations with a small flow rate crude oil distillation with use of induction heating. Heated oil is exposed to the combined thermal and electromagnetic effect.

At induction heating petroleum, probably, there is a re-structuring of oil raw material that can positively affect process of fractionation of petroleum without increase of specific power expenses. Hence, there are preconditions of transition to nonconventional energy-saving refining technologies for oil and oil products.

The offered project concerns to a category Applied researches as results of the project will help with understanding of the processes occurring at distillation and rectification of oil systems at imposing of electromagnetic field of industrial frequency.

The project provides creation of experimental installation for research of influence of parameters of frequency electromagnetic field on properties of distillates and efficiency of rectification at distillation of oil with use of induction heating.

Experimental installation will consist of several functional blocks: the block of heating consisting of induction and resistive heaters; the block of a crude oil distillation consisting of a rectifying column and heat exchangers; the block of measurement of parameters of an electromagnetic field; a control panel providing the control and thin regulation of all entrance and target parameters of processes.

With the purpose of a regulation of operating modes of installation in view of features of research works (often stops in work and changes of an operating conditions, extreme loadings, etc.) the production schedules will be developed.

The experimental part of the project includes a complex of research works on influence of frequency characteristics and time of influence of the electromagnetic field induced by a current of industrial frequency, for conditions of oil rectification and property of distillates. Changes of the basic physical and chemical properties of mineral oil (density, viscosity, capacitivity, fractional composition and others), hydrocarbonic composition of distillates, and also a frequency spectrum of an electromagnetic field in ferromagnetic steel will be investigated. For maintenance of the analytical control over work of installation and researches of properties of mineral oil purchase of necessary chemical reagents and the equipment will be lead.

Results of the project will allow to estimate efficiency of application of induction heating in oil distillation technologies, and also an opportunity of regulation of physical and chemical properties and dispersity of a structural condition of oil-products determining features of their further processing.


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