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Self-Quenching Pulse Reactor


Development and Computational-Experimental Validation of the Concept of Self-Quenching Multi-channel Pulse Graphite Reactor (MIGR) for the Studies on Nuclear Reactor Safety.

Tech Area / Field

  • FIR-REA/Reactor Concept/Fission Reactors

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Leading Institute
VNIITF, Russia, Chelyabinsk reg., Snezhinsk

Supporting institutes

  • Kurchatov Research Center, Russia, Moscow\nNational Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakstan / Institute of Atomic Energy (2), Kazakstan, Kurchatov


  • Sandia National Laboratories, USA, NM, Albuquerque

Project summary

Major goals of the Project

- development and computational-experimental substantiation of the concept to validate safety of nuclear power plants based on the creation of experimental complex to study, in the first turn, reactivity accidents with fast going processes which can lead to the destruction of elements of core;

- development of basic design solutions and out line of experimental complex on the base of research pulse-static reactor of big output - Multi-Channel..pulse (Impulse) Graphite Reactor (MIGR);

- computational-experimental substantiation of MIGR characteristics, including experiments on GROG-facility (Kurchatov Institute), on pulsed solution reactor IGRIK (VNIITF, Snezhinsk), and on pulsed graphite reactor IGR (IAE, Kazakhstan).

Main expected results are:

- survey of already conducted and required studies on nuclear reactor safety including problems of severe accidents, in the first turn of WWER, RBMK and PWR reactors;

- analysis of existing experimental base for studies of severe accidents and substantiation of the need to build research reactor: Multi-Channel Pulse (Impulse) Graphite Reactor (MIGR).

- substantiation of the necessity to create reactor complex including reactor MIGR, loops with different coolants and measurements complex with hodoscope to study safety of nuclear reactors;

- computational-experimental substantiation of the MIGR reactor, including performing experiments on GROG facility, pulsed solution reactor IGRIK and IGR:

•to verify codes used for three-dimensional calculations of neutron and thermal fields;

•to corroborate safety of MIGR under conditions of a severe accident simulation, to determine limits of self-quenching of reactivity and proving assumed means of severe accidents management;

•to perform running tests of techniques for measurement of main parameters of systems under study, including experiments utilizing fuel with various bum-out rate.

- to perform R&D works allowing afterwards to initiate design and construction of research complex;

- to set up new direction for conversion at VNIITF.

To develop concept of a unique research reactor and complex for study of severe accidents of nuclear reactors is a formidable task. Hence, to solve it one should involve leading specialists from different reactor institutes of Russia and other countries. Participating as experts these specialists will help to identify the most important directions of research, formulate requirements to main components of the complex and measurement techniques. Structure of the team of Russian participants reflects already formed links between VNIITF and reactor institutes.

The development of the MIGR complex will be performed in cooperation with Argonne National Laboratories (USA). The proposers welcome other institutions from USA, Europe and Japan to collaborate in the Project.


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