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New Broncholytic Preparations


Search and Development of New Bronchodilators with Prolonged Action

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  • MED-DRG/Drug Discovery/Medicine

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Senior Project Manager
Gremyakova T A

Leading Institute
State Research Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology, Russia, Moscow


  • Southern Illinois University / School of Medicine / Department of Pharmacology, USA, IL, Springfield

Project summary

At present bronchoobstructive diseases, including bronchial asthma, are among the most widespread. Unfavourable trends of growth of these diseases are marked. Thus, 0.5 % of total USA population suffered from bronchial asthma in 1930 and 5–6.7 % — in 1997. 34 children out of each 100,000 people, affected by bronchial asthma, were registered in Russia in 1985 and 101 child — in 1996. Mortality rate in cases of this disease made 0.53 % in 1978 and 1.05 % in 1982 for each 100,000 of total population in England.

Bronchial asthma remains one of the most expensive diseases for society. Problem of creation of low price, highly effective therapeutic means to treat bronchoobstructive diseases as those of the most widespread and severe ailments of the human still remains quite topical in the whole world.

Authors of the Project have been studying various aspects of cholinolytics effect for over 30 years. A sub-class of substances which differs from the known ones by a more expressed specificity to M1 and M3-ChR, a more prolonged action and, as it's supposed, more obvious broncholityc characteristics has been selected. Some clinical-experimental results which we have achieved give us a ground to consider that it's possible to find among these preparations and elaborate broncholytic medicines of a new generation .

Purposes of research

1. Creation of a new preparation that can be looked upon as a potential effective medicine to treat bronchial asthma and other bronchoobstructive diseases.

2. Conduction of a complex of research on theoretical and experimental ground of a new generation of preparations possessing broncholytic characteristics, a prolonged effect, high activity and minimum side effects.

The following stages are envisaged while realizing the Project:

1. Synthesis of substances.

2. Definition of specific effect of substances, sub-acute toxicity, cumulation, pharmacokinetics.
3. Study of mechanism of substances action.
4. General pharmacology.
5. Physical-chemical research.
6. Statistical analysis of pharmacological experiments results. Modeling of preparations pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics. Extrapolation of animal data to humans.

Data received during realization of the Project will be of interest to the companies engaged in production of medicines, for clinical specialists working in the field of bronchoobstructive diseases and for pharmacologists busy with molecular design of medicines.

Thus, the Project conforms to the ISTC purposes, that is, support of fundamental and applied research in peaceful purposes, encouragement of the further involvement of scientists and engineers engaged in elaboration of chemical weapons into the world community.


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