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Environmental Friendly Technologies: Application of High Power Sonic and Ultrasonic Elastic Vibrations in the Production and Processing of Materials and Substances

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  • CHE-IND/Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Process Engineering/Chemistry
  • INS-OTH/Other/Instrumentation
  • ENV-WPC/Water Pollution and Control/Environment

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Senior Project Manager
Suh G W

Leading Institute
Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry (IONKh), Russia, Moscow


  • University of Illinois, USA, IL, Urbana\nGE Corporation Research & Development, USA, NY, Schenectady\nHYUNDAI Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., Korea, Ulsan\nALCOA, USA, PA, Alcoa Center\nSonic Process Technologies Ltd., UK, Shropshire, Shrewsbury\nTechnische Universität Hamburg, Germany, Hamburg\nDaimler Chrysler AG, Germany, Stuttgart\nCoventry University, UK, Coventry\n3M Company, USA, MN, St Paul\nABB Corporate Research Ltd, Switzerland, Baden\nUniversität Stuttgart, Germany, Stuttgart\nDaimlerChrysler Aerospace Airbus, Germany, Bremen\nFachhochschule Aalen, Germany, Aalen\nNagoya University, Japan, Nagoya

Project summary

The aim of the project is the development of a new generation of ultrasonic equipment for technological purposes, the design and manufacture of pilot plants and environmentally clean technologies of ultrasonic stimulation of various processes in chemistry, biology, metallurgy, machine building, and power industry.

The project includes the development of (a) ultrasonic generators of frequency 25-30 kHz and power up to 10 kW and of frequency 0.8-1.0 MHz and power up to 1 kW; (b) magnetostrictive transducers based on intermetallic compounds of rare-earth elements characterised by gigantic magnetostriction; (c) vibrator systems with a well-developed surface for introducing high-power acoustic vibrations into various loads; and (d) computer control systems for ultrasonic technological processes.

In addition, the work under the project includes the development of pneumoacoustic burners intended for increasing the efficiency of heavy fuel burning. The burners should be controlled in a wide range of conditions and should have improved characteristics with respect to nitrogen oxides formed in flue gases.

The work plan also includes the development of a new version of vibroacoustic radiator working at low frequencies with an enhanced efficiency. The radiator is intended for the intensification of heat and mass transfer processes, specifically, for the intensification of the operation of dryers used in food industry. The radiator can also be used in other technological processes, for example, sintering of fine-disperse aerosols.

The work under the project includes the development of ultrasonic microsystems that can be used in the design of biochips.

Research planned to be carried out under the project is concerned with the studies of nonlinear acoustic effects in gases, liquids, solids and heterogeneous gas-liquid and liquid-solid systems as well as with the studies of kinetic characteristics and mechanism of the effect of intense ultrasound on heat and mass transfer processes accompanying chemical, phase, and structural transformations in various systems.

In the course of the project, we plan to obtain new ultrasonic and low-frequency industrial technologies intended for the stimulation of the processes used in the production of mineral resources and agricultural goods, in chemistry, biochemistry, food industry, liquid fuel combustion, and cleaning of water and air environments, as well as for the improvement of the quality of products in metallurgy, machine building, and electronics. The specific processes are as follows:

· the transportation of heavy oil products;
· cyan-free leaching of noble metals from poor ores;
· seed germination, growth, and development of plants in agriculture;
· liquid-phase chemical reactions in medicine production;
· heat and mass transfer physicochemical processes (extraction of useful components from raw material in the course of fluid extraction of CO2, dispersion of powders and activation of particle surfaces, production and breaking of oil-water emulsions, cleaning of elements with well-developed microstructure, i.e., products of microelectronics etc.);
· devulcanization of waste rubber, polymerisation, solid-phase chemical reactions, compression and formation of wood, and transportation of loose materials;
· production and operation of biochips;
· action on the biological matters;
· combustion of heavy liquid fuel;
· improvement of the ingot and casting quality in the production of aluminium alloys;
· improvement of the quality of welded joints in oil and gas pipe-lines and in the structures used in spacecraft’s, ships, oil platforms, chemical tanks, etc.;
· surface hardening of machine parts;
· drink water treatment and cleaning of sewage.

By now, the studies carried out at the IGIC, the ACIN, and some other institutions revealed the main features of the mechanism governing the effect of ultrasound on substances; the studies resulted in the development of the main principles for the construction of high-power ultrasonic equipment (generators, electroacoustic transducers, vibrator systems with well-developed surfaces, and equipment for the control over the acoustic parameters). These results can be used as the basis for the development of a new generation of high-power ultrasonic equipment, the manufacture of pilot models, and the design of ultrasonic technologies that can be used in chemistry, metallurgy, and machine building. The corresponding technical documentation could be offered to Russian and foreign ultrasonic companies for the purposes of mass production.


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