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Electrohydrodynamic Pulse Pressure Device


Electrohydrodynamic Pulse Pressure Installation and Technology Development of its Wide Application

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  • MAN-MCH/Machinery and Tools/Manufacturing Technology

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Tbilisi State University / Institute of Physics (Ge), Georgia, Tbilisi


  • Technische Universität Clausthal / Institut für Maschinenwesen, Germany, Clausthal

Project summary

The goal of the Project is the creation of the electrohydrodynamic pulse pressure installation (EHPPI) and technology development of its wide application. High pressure is widely used for the solution of any problems. There exist the methods of pulse pressure generation, e.g. by gunpowder explosion, spark discharge, etc. Electrohydrodynamic method of pulse pressure generation is distinguished from the known methods by its cheapness, as the consumption of materials and electrical energy per pulse is rather small; by recurrence and possibility of obtaining the pressure up to 3000 atm. and higher. The maximum pressure is restricted by the limit of incompressibility of the liquid in which the pulse pressure arises. For this purpose any neutral and weakly compressing liquid can be used, e.g. tap water. The essence of the electrohydrodynamic method is as follows: in definite volume filled with weakly compressed liquid copper, aluminum or other wire is exploded by a pulse of high power electric current. The hot plasma of high density and high pressure is formed. The pressure of plasma is transferred to the walls of the volume through the medium. It should be noted that the working voltage up to which the source of high-power electric current - capacitor battery - does not exceed 5 kV. The necessary energy for obtaining the definite value of pulse pressure is selected by the capacitance of capacitor battery determined by the cavity dimensions, as well as by the diameter and the material of exploded wire. The aim of the Project is the application of electrohydrodynamic method of high value pulse pressure generation for development of technology for

1. the shaping of sheet parts;

2. cutting-out openings - holes in parts of various form;

3. the obtaining of variable cross-section pipelines;

4. the obtaining of non-joint connections in parts;

5. the shaping of parts made of hard alloys;

6. the debarring on the parts after casting;

7. the production of ceramic parts;

8. the cleaning of casting from ceramics.

Accomplishment of item 1 by usual method requires additional equipment and rigging. Electrohydrodynamic method of pulse pressure generation considerably simplifies the process and makes the production cheaper. Application of this method for the works in item 2 reveals the possibilities for the development of technology of the cutting-out the holes of any configuration relatively easily both in blanks and ready parts.

The electrohydrodynamic method of pulse pressure generation permits to develop the technology for obtaining variable cross-section pipelines more easily at minimum consumption of materials and electrical energy (item 3). These operations carried out by usual method require complex facilities and welding processes. The proposed method enables to develop the technology that makes possible to produce non-joint connections in parts without welding or soldering operations (item 4), that is important for cold welding of pipes and for the obtaining of bimetallic pipes of the materials that are not subjected to welding, etc.

At present the complicated problem is the technology of shaping of parts made of hard, e.g. titanium alloys (item 5). The proposed method of pulse pressure generation allows us to solve this problem.

The deburring and the descaling is rather labour consuming processes requiring large consumption of time. The electrohydrodynamic method of pulse pressure generation permits to develop the technology of more rapid and effective production of these operations (item 6).

Creation of large forces of pressing allows developing the technology for obtaining the parts with mechanical properties of higher quality as compared the casting methods (item 7).

Electrohydrodynamic method of pulse pressure generation is ecologically pure and much less labour-intensive for removing the residuals of ceramics from casting as compared to the existing method. It gives possibility to develop the technology for obtaining the surfaces of better purity after removing ceramics (item 8).

Realization of the given Project will attract the elaborators of mass destruction weapons to the fundamental investigations in the field of peaceful science.


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