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Laser Dental Driller


Conversion of military IR technique to medical laser technology for dentistry.

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  • MED-OTH/Other/Medicine

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Lapidus O V

Leading Institute
Vavilov State Optical Institute (GOI), Russia, St Petersburg


  • Vitron GmbH, Germany, Jena\nUniversität Ulm / Institut für Lasertechnologien in der /Medizin und Messtechnik, Germany, Ulm\nDublin City University / School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Ireland, Dublin\nUniversity College of Dublin / Department of Large Animal Clinical Studies, Ireland, Dublin

Project summary

In this project it is proposed to use scientific and technical potential of research and technological Institute of Optical Materials Research Center "S.I.Vavilov GOI" and its achievements in development of IR laser systems for military purposes (far and near location, ranging, guidance systems) to create a medical laser for dentistry and ophthalmology. At present, 3 mkm lasers radiation is used for this purpose. In existing experimental systems technical decisions are used that are based on transmission of 3 mkm radiation from radiator to surgery tool with the help of intricate and uncomfortable in usage periscope mirror systems. More convenient fiber light guides were developed only for 1 mkm radiation. In this project it is supposed to produce compact medical laser-converter placed directly in surgery tool, to which pumping radiation of 1 mkm laser, located at 2-3 m distance from surgery tool, is carried by quartz fiber.

For solution of the task it is necessary to fulfill a number of researches with the purpose to select corresponding crystalline matrices for laser-converter and pumping laser, to modernize existing technological equipment, to produce new test bench for spectroscopy research, to produce and test working laser model.

Up to 30 scientific technical workers and 20 auxiliary collaborators will be necessary to complete the work.

Medical laser of 3 mkm range should find wide use in painless teeth treatment. Expected volume of laser production at initial stage is 40-100 pieces per year (in accordance with data of firm KaVo, Germany). Besides, this technique is suitable for treatment of pupil of the eye in ophthalmology.

Completed research will permit to establish production of optical laser elements in Russia (INCROM Ltd) and of medical 3 mkm laser both in Russia and Germany (firm KaVo).


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