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Personal Gamma-Neutron Dosimeter


Development of Personnel Gamma-Neutron Emergency EPR Dosimeter with Separation of Various Radiation Components Portion and Methods of Local Dosimetry at Neutron-Capture Therapy

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  • PHY-ANU/Atomic and Nuclear Physics/Physics

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Leading Institute
National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakstan / Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kazakstan, Almaty

Supporting institutes

  • Kurchatov Research Center, Russia, Moscow\nA.I. Burnazyan Federal Medical and Biophysical Center, Russia, Moscow


  • Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Germany, Jülich\nTechnology Commercialization International Incorporated, USA, NM, Albuquerque\nORION International Technologies, Inc., USA, NM, Albuquerque

Project summary

The project is devoted to actual problems of a radiation safety of staff of radiation-dangerous objects and population of neighboring locales, ensure of an effective medical aftertreatment in case of an overexposure, and also increase of veracity and accuracy of local dose loads definition at neutron-capturing therapy.

The purpose of the given Project is the development of personal emergency gamma-neutron dosimeter with separation of contributions in a cooperative dose a gamma of radiation both thermal and fast neutrons and development of an effective technique of a local absorbed dose definition at a neutron-capturing therapy with usage of unified hardware maintenance of process of measurements, that reduces the cost of the used equipment and is methodically more perfect, as contrasted to known ways of dose measurements.

The information separately on doses a gamma-radiation and neutrons on a suffered person body surface and separation of the contribution in a cooperative exposure dose of neutrons of different energy is indispensable for correct measurement of an absorbed dose of neutrons and development of measures on a medical aftertreatment from irradiation.

The project introduces new technology of separate definition of doses from neutrons and gamma-quanta by Electronic Paramagnetic Resonance method (EPR-dosimetry) on the basis of detector from tissue-equivalent stuff with allocation of contribution to a cooperative dose of neutrons with energy less than 1 KeV at usage of organic substances from the class of amino acids, saccharums and apatites possessing different sensitivity to a kind of radiation and energy of neutrons and doped alanine for allocation of fast neutrons contribution.

The tendered technique yields also new capabilities of increase of efficiency a neutron-capturing therapy, as provides precise definition of a dose, absorbed local site (segment) of a tumor sensitized by isotopes with a high cross-section of neutrons capture (for example, boron, gadolinium, samarium etc.), accompanying by the conforming nuclear reaction.

Essential advantage of the tendered Project is also unified methodical and hardware base of definition of an absorbed dose, that considerably reduces the cost of all complex and increases reproducibility and accuracy of measurements. Thus the read process of the information from detectors is non-destructive, i.e. always there is a capability of repeated measurements both in given, and in other labs, that is very important for a different kind of monitoring check and expertise.

The tendered Project affords to the scientists and specialists INP NNC RK, RNC "KI" and RSRC "IBP", working earlier on a defensive industry, capability on reorientation of the capacities on peaceful activity.


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