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Modulin and Irradiation Influence on Cancer genesis


The Influence of Fito-nutriciological Preparation Modulin and Irradiation on the Course of the Experimental Colon Cancer Genesis

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  • MED-DRG/Drug Discovery/Medicine

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Georgian Academy of Sciences / A. Natishvili Institute of Experimental Morphology, Georgia, Tbilisi


  • Archon Vitamin Corporation, USA, NJ, Irvington\nP&B Research Corp., USA, NJ, Cliffside Parc

Project summary

Cancer represents one of the most important problems of modern medicine. The efforts of scientists and physicians-oncologists are directed to reveal and diagnose illness on its early stage, define risk-factors of its origin, and – of course, investigation of remedies for influence on initiation and progress of the tumor growth. While seeking the means of influence on tumoral growth morphological-functional state of both tumor tissue parenchyma and stroma, and also factors affecting connective tissue structures, so called “tumor microenvironment” should be taken into consideration. Actually, according to contemporary ideas, the tumor is integrated biological system where between parenchyma and stroma there is close bilateral relationship. Unfortunately, at present while carrying out anti-tumor measures, it’s impossible to avoid utterly the adverse reactions of therapeutic means (chemotherapy, radiotherapy). Considering all above mentioned, we are determined to investigate the influence of preparations created on the basis of biologically active substances of natural (vegetable, animal or mineral) origin on the course of tumoral process, as according to clinical and experimental research these preparations, as a rule, don’t cause adverse effects. We have already investigated influence of interferon derived from placenta – plaferon on the course of experimental colon cancer genesis. Obtained positive data gave us basis to continue the research in this direction. In particular, we planned investigation of new fito-nutriceutic preparation Modulin on the course of experimental colon cancer genesis. Formula of Modulin was elaborated at the chair of nutritiology of Russian University of Peoples Friendship. In planned work possible anti-tumor activity of Modulin, and also its influence on different organs of tumor-bearer before and after irradiation will be investigated for the first time. We think that it’s especially important to study influence of preparation Modulin on morphological-functional state of elements of tumorally changed tissue on the early stages of tumoral growth.

The goals of planned investigation are:

– investigation of influence of preparation Modulin on the course of experimental colon cancer genesis;

– investigation of protective activity of the above mentioned preparation on tumor bearers’ different organs (liver, kidney, pancreas, colon);
– investigation of protective activity of the above mentioned substances on tumor bearers’ different organs (liver, kidney, pancreas, colon) after irradiation.

It’s expected that Modulin influence will cause: inhibition of benign and malignant tumors formation in colon, improvement of structural-functional state of animal’s parenchymal organs – liver, pancreas, kidney, and colon on the background of organism’s intoxication with carсinogen and also after irradiation of tumor-bearer, improvement of blood supply in the mentioned organs. The research will be carried out by histological, histochemical, electronic-microscopic, radiometric, immune-morphological methods.

Obtained data will give new perspectives (opportunities) for more effective solution of problem of prevention and treatment of tumor diseases.


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