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Hardware and software for medical wide area network.

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  • INF-SOF/Software/Information and Communications

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Senior Project Manager
Kondratenkov Yu B

Leading Institute
NPO Lutch, Russia, Moscow reg., Podolsk

Supporting institutes

  • Cancer Research Center, Russia, Moscow\nMedicom, Russia, Moscow


  • Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universität Greifswald / Institut für Pathologie, Germany, Greifswald\nUniversiteit Leuven, Belgium, Leuven\nUniversity of Cambridge / Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, UK, Cambridge\nTELESPAZIO, Italy, Rome

Project summary

Cytological verification of tumours of soft and bone tissues in the structure of onco-diseases diagnostics is one of the most complex parts and demands highly skilled medical personnel. In particular, the problem complication is connected with morphologically non-significant differences of nozological forms that doesn't always allow doctors to give objective evaluation of difference between size, form, interrealation of cell nucleus and cytoplasm. Using the objective criteria of the given parameters evaluation could formalize the problem partly. The necessity of a computer using for patients registration, storage of alphanumeric and graphic information, creation of consulting, information and training services, diagnosis help, is obvious. The organi-zation of automated or dialogue expert systems of solid tumour recognition and identification demands statistically represented computer data bases of malignant cells and continued work to discover new nozological disease forms. Realization of this draft is actual for the above-mentioned reasons. It is more important, because of break of ties between regions of the ex-USSR, hard territorial differences on distribution of highly skilled medical personnel and onco-diseases level, complication and high prices for transporting patients.

The draft will be the foundation of medical communication of the CIS and Georgia. In particular, it will allow to identify cancer diseases more reliably at early stages and to improve the condition of working and training medical personnel and to use more adequate and progressive methods of the treatment.

The draft includes: the development of medical workstation to input alpha-numeric and graphic information to a computer, some means of their uniting into the network as well as creation of a prototype of the wide area network with 3-5 terminals and a consulting point in Cancer Research Center of RAMS (CRC, Moscow). The system is initially formed on the basis of telephone lines and modems. The terminals are supposed to be placed first of all in ecologically unfavourable regions. At first only medical information on oncology will be transferred.

The medical workstation contains some means for high-quality teleinput of color images from microscope to the computer (cytology, hystology) and a grey scale scanner for films and non-transparent materials (X-ray, ultrasonography, echocardiography). Each terminal will have universal and specialized software for registering patients, creating its own data base as well as communicative, training and information systems. There will be a possibility to exchange some information between any terminals. Having received a query according to the unified protocol, the specialists of the consultating center analyse graphic (image) and text information, help to diagnosis, recommend the treatment method and place. They can use their own data base. In view of the cost, the home spare parts (scanner. frame grabber, modems, microscopes) will be used in this draft as far as possible.

The draft realization includes: 1) marketing research and configuration; 2) deve-lopment of medical workstations; 3) development of apparatus drivers and applications software (data base updating, a training program for cytologists, a system of patients registration and information systems); 4) creation of the network prototype with 3-5 terminals; 5) creation of the computer data base on CRC archive foundation and its systematization; 6) organization of medical personnel computer training; 7) development of some report documentation.

Cancer Research Center authority in oncology, its unique cytological archive of rare nozological forms, enlisting the leading Russian cytologists in combination with the experience of SIA LUTCH in the sphere of programming, electronics, optics, computer pattern recognition are the stable basis for successful draft realization.


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