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Noninvasive Monitoring of Glucose in Blood


Development new noninvasive monitoring of glucose in blood of the person on the basis of a method of near infra-red spectroscopy

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  • PHY-OPL/Optics and Lasers/Physics
  • MED-DID/Diagnostics & Devices/Medicine

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Leading Institute
Photochemistry Center, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • NIIIT (Pulse Techniques), Russia, Moscow\nKurchatov Research Center / Military Science Consulting Committee, Russia, Moscow


  • Spectrum Bioscience, Inc., USA, DC, Washington

Project summary

Definition glucose in blood - one of major methods of revealing sugar diabetis and control for it by treatment (monitoring), inspecting a level glucose in blood, selecting dozes of medicines and character of power supply. By estimations, in 1998 capacity of the world market of the goods on a control for glucose has made 1500 million US dollars and annually increases on 15%, and on a share of USA it is necessary 60% of this sums. Despite of the large efforts of many foreign corporations suitable for wide use noninvasive the method of definition glucose in blood till now is not developed yet.

The objective of the given project is the development of scientific bases new noninvasive of a method (monitoring) of definition glucose in blood of the man in clinical, laboratory and research practice.

For achievement of this objective the efforts of several various institutes are united which are known by the developments in the field of the methodology infra-red spectroscopy, electronic instrument making and Medical and biologic researches. The share efforts suppose to develop scientific bases infra-red spectroscopy of glucose in the bioenvironments and to create the sample of the measuring system (instrument) for solution of problems noninvasive of monitoring glucose and other bioorganic components of blood is experimental - designer.

The essence of our approach to this problem, as against world practice of registration IR of spectra of researched substances, is, that by us are investigated IR spectra of the water in near IR of area, which are indignant with bioorganic components. By us it is revealed, that the changes in IR a spectrum of water from glucose at defined lengths of waves are specific and the concentration glucose are proportional in view of a degree of dispersion of the bioenvironment, temperature and presence of other bioorganic components. This fact is fixed in a basis of our development new noninvasive of a method of detecting glucose in blood of the man.

The experts of a military-industrial complex of Russia can bring in the intellectual contribution to creation of the new class of not damaging measuring systems in interests of world medical practice and in the whole public health services of Russia.

The new measuring systems should ensure first of all noninvasivity of measurement, high sensitivity, accuracy, the stability and polyfunctionality in measuring and is scientific - research practice.

The collective of the authors of sentence since 1995 carries on operations in this direction. Their efforts possible to created experimental base, methods of theoretical and experimental simulation, which have allowed to formulate the concept and to begin operations on creation new noninvasive of methods of measurement glucose in blood, using various areas IR of spectra of water.

Within the framework of the offered project the complex model noninvasive of monitoring glucose will be developed, the experimental characteristics, statistical material and base of spectral data, possibility of use it in clinical and out-patient practice are investigated it.

As a result of execution of this project possible will decide the following scientific and technical tasks:

– development of methods differential spectroscopy in near IR of area for detecting glucose in the various bioenvironments and in blood of the man;

– development of a technological method of manufacture or use of ready sources IR of radiation and receivers of radiation in defined a spectral range, level of noise, sensitivity, stability and temperature;

– development of methodical bases of creation noninvasive of monitoring glucose and model measuring complex, suitable in clinical and laboratory practice;

– development and choice of existing mathematical methods of conversion IR of spectra in the disseminating environment, statistical and computing processing of spectral data.

At realization of research operations the satisfaction of the following requirements to the equipment and methods of researches is necessary:

– gain highly sensitive spectroscopy of the equipment in near IR of area of a spectrum;

– manufacture of the special mobile camera for the various bioenvironments and bioobjects at model and natural researches;

– presence of computer registration, mathematical processing and distribution of the information from bank of spectral data;

– creation of a data bank of spectra of the model bioenvironments in the given spectral range, temperature mode and component structure.


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