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Stable Anti-Cancerous Preparations


The New Anti-Cancer Preparation Forms of the Black Sea Shark (Katran) Liver

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  • MED-DRG/Drug Discovery/Medicine

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Katrex, Georgia, Tbilisi


  • Heart Rhythm Instruments, Inc., USA, NJ, Metuchen

Project summary

The goal of the project is the creation of new stable medicative-preventive anticancerous forms of medicine from the Black sea shark (katran) liver in the form of injectable slutions, suppositories, ointments and fat in capsules.

Actuality. Many of the disorders and malignant processes in the organism is due to the unfavorable factors of the environment. At present there is no united system of total estimation of the influence of the exogenous and endogenic factors in connection with the malignant and radiologic disease among the population and on the inpidual levels. Envisaging the high tumour and radiologic determiners among the population and the lack of the effective treatment of the disease followed by the long-lasting intoxication and changing reaction of the organism, it seems prospective to search active biological materials of animal origin with immunemodulate and antitoxic action.

In these conditions special attention is given to search the new means for combine treatment of the oncologic patients. One of the possible biologically active means of animal origin is extract of the Black sea shark Katran liver"Catrex".

In advance immunemodulate, antitoxic, antitumour and radioprotective action of the Black sea shark (katran) extract was researched due to the experiments in the clinic of various scientific-research centers. The results of the laboratory and clinical researches the patients after taking the medicine “Catrex” showed that the last:

– is a strong immunemodulate with marked anaesthetic and anti-metastatic activity;

– is effective for treatment of chronic prostate;
– gives positive result among the patients with insulin-resistant form of diabetes;
– has antioxidant activity;
– has positive influence on the hard after operating complications and extreme state of the organism;
– is absolutely non-toxic.

In connection with this, prospects of the medicine's further research stands out of discussion. To make a new medicine, besides its therapeutic effectiveness, it is necessary for the medicine, to meet certain commercial demands (time of expire, the form of the medicine and so on). However the preparation "Catrex" has one deficiency - the short time of expiry (no more than 10-12 days), that in fact prevents the ability of its serial production and the use of the medicine by the patients while the experimental and clinical researches.

Practical value.

Practical value of the project includes the creation of new stabile medicines of the anitumour and radioprotective action in the form of the injectable solutions, suppositories, ointments and fat in capsuls on a basis of the Black sea shark (katran) liver extract and also the use of this medicines for the treatment and prevention of the malignant, radiological, cardiovascular and chronic inflammatory diseases.

Scientific value.

Scientific value of the project is creation and detailed researching of preclinical and clinical use of each of stable medicine forms of preparation “Catrex” (injectable solutions, suppositories, ointments and so on) for treatment and prevention of cancerous and chronic inflammatory diseases.


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