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International Nobility League of Georgia / Scientific Center, Georgia, Tbilisi


  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Germany, Munich

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Not one question concerning the principle of the formation and evolution of the Earth has been answered in full. The reason for this is a result of old-fashioned dogmatic principals of Cosmology and Earth sciences.
The Scientific Center of the International Nobility League of Georgia, through a profound study of a considerable volume of empiric material, came to definite conclusions and created its own Theory of Earth’s evolution. In the given Project the problem of the seismic situation in Eurasia and in the state of California (USA) is considered from a new standpoint.
The study of tectonic processes from high points in Asia to Greece and the Carpathian Mountains, and also to the East, as far as China and Japan, has brought us to discover the source of the accumulation and relaxation of elastic deformation in seismic centers. This source is situated at the base of the Himalayas, as a channel outlet of depth magma, and it is spreading along the bottom of the crust over a vast zone, from the Baikal rift to Japan and the Marian system. This zone of force intrusion of the depth magma was defined by geophysical methods and was called “anomalous mantle”. Hydraulic pressure from anomalous mantle on the depth structures of the crust, limiting its zone, defines the seismic situation in Eurasia. Thus, the advent of such pressure in 1979 – 85 brought waves of compression towards Europe and to Sakhalin and Japan (Honshu).
In such cases earthquakes are caused by the direct action of compression and its subsequent effects – tension, shifting, and breaks in zones adjacent to the main direction of compression. Discovery of this regularity and of its physical reasons is taken as the basis for explanation and prognosis of earthquakes in Eurasia.
Catastrophic seismic phenomena in California are caused by quite different criteria.
In the crust of the Pacific Ocean (as in other oceans) there is a system of strips, across which considerable stretching forces operate. It is known as the system of middle-ocean rifts. The edges of a strip intershift and magma rises from the mantle and fills the resulting cracks. As a result of the continuity of this process, the ocean crust is formed.
Over the last 200 million years, the North American continent has undergone a shifting to the south, with turns over considerable angles.
As a result of this, part of the west side of the was found to be pulled up to the rift.
The process of tension passed accordingly to the continental crust. As a result, this fault eroded the California continental peninsula, passed through the region Los-Angeles – San Francisco as the San-Andreas fault and joined with its natural continuation in the ocean crust opposite the states of Oregon and Washington.
Further rifts approached the continent, eroded its coastal section and, crushing it into the Alexander Archipelago, went under Alaska.
The general direction of self-development of the northern part of the Pacific Ocean is northwest. Thus, complete separation of the entire west side of the fault from the continent, stretching the bay of California to as far as San Francisco and, as a result, transforming the entire region into an archipelago of islands, represents a genuine threat.
This catastrophe could be averted by engineering methods shifting the fault into the ocean, as a continuation of the rift opposite the states of Oregon and Washington. As a result the coastline will achieve permanent stability.
In 1997, according to the conclusion of the greatest scientists in Moscow, a book was published by the Project author, Kozbelevski A., called “Eternity Studies”. On the basis of a considerable volume of empiric material a new description of tectonic and magnetic processes in the mantle and the crust is presented. Fulfillment of Project C-600 will be based on the conclusions of this work.


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