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Heavy Nitrogen in Normal and Cancer Cells


The Hyperthermia and Cancers Therapy Mechanism of Negative Pions

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Kyrgyz-Russian Slavonic University, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek


  • Washington University School of Medicine, USA, MO, St Louis\nBaylor College of Medicine, USA, TX, Houston

Project summary

Cancer is the illness of metaphytes. A characteristic attribute of illness is the uncontrollable increase of own (not alien) cells’ abnormal forms and their distribution within organism. Great number of reviews and articles is devoted to the problem of cancer, but in its chemotherapy only one preparation from ten thousand finds itself in practice. Low introduction of preparations can be explained by their test with the trial and error method, because the reason - the abnormal substance transforming normal cells into the abnormal form is unknown. Perspective direction of chemotherapy is chelates. At the same time chelates, being complex, stay within the cells as neoplasms, that can disintegrate under any accidental influence and again stimulate ontological disease.

Effective means of cancer treatment are hyperthermia and therapy with corpuscular radiation. The hyperthermia is applied along with therapy (thermoradiotherapy): 1) the microwave-field; 2) gamma-radiation; 3) neutron therapy [], 4) ultrasound (G. ter Haar) and is supplemented with chemotherapy. The modern condition of these means (items 1), 2)) is described full enough at [] where the basic is the following. It is empirically found, that the optimum temperature of treatment is within the thermal corridor 41-42 °C, but it is preceded with highly dangerous zone 38-39 °C in which the tumor grows intermittently. In sessions of treatment they aspire to pass this critical zone as soon as possible, both when heating, and when cooling. What is the reason of tumor intermittent growth in the interval 38-39 °C?

Long-lasting heating of the human body in the thermal corridor (1-2 hours) results in death, therefore interest to hyperthermia has arisen after the development of electromagnetic devices for heating with the microwave-field. It led to wide introduction of the microwave-hyperthermia in oncology, and then in treatment of HIV, drug addiction, hepatitis, bronchial asthma and other illnesses. Microwave-hyperthermia devices are patented in Russia, France, Germany, Japan, Denmark and other countries, however as the hyperthermia was invented intuitively, the absence of the common electromagnetic hyperthermia technique constrains the development of the devices.

The greatest effect in therapy with corpuscular radiation is achieved when irradiating by negative pions – p--mesons. They are distinguished with selective destruction of only cancer cells. Formation of negative pions begins when the protons’ energy is about 300 MeV, therefore powerful accelerators of the charged particles are need. Disadvantage of the negative pions therapy is that on the border of cancer cells healthy cells are damaged too, because near the capture of negative pion there is a local explosion, enormous energy and products of cancer cells’ disintegration are oozed. Each act of absorption of a negative pion accompanied by destruction of atom nucleus and a loss from it the following products of disintegration: neutrons, protons, a-particles, lithium-Li ions, beryllium-Be, boron-B and other elements.

These experiences indicate nuclear pision, which splinters are nucleus of He, Li, Be, B etc., clearing of nucleus energy and emission of pision neutrons and protons. It means that search of the reason of a cancer at cellular level in atoms of organic molecules is exhausted. If energy of a particle exceeds 50 MeV it cooperates with separate nucleons of nucleus. Easy nucleus (nuclear number A<50) of chemical elements are exposed to pision, but the nucleus may share a neutral particle. For nuclear pision formation of a compound nucleus and fall of neutron energy (but not a proton) up to a resonant level of a nucleus, for example 14 MeV is necessary. Nevertheless, negative pion destroys atom nucleus of abnormal substance, but does not destroy a nucleus of normal substance. Why?

The special place in a problem of a cancer occupies mythogenetics radiation of Gurvich in ultraviolet range 190-325 nm. These are the beams of weak intensity, which radiate normal cells of some vegetative and animal fabrics. When the cancer tumor develops, in blood originate the abnormal substance stopping mythogenetics radiation of blood. Detection of the substance matters for early diagnostics of cancer, i.e. when the normal cell transformed into the abnormal form. To a spectrum of Gurvich’s radiation meets an interval 90-160 THz, i.e. it is commensurable with speed of information transfer in biological systems. Such high speed of information transfer on nervous filament K-Na (Potassium-Sodium) pump is not capable to provide, therefore, probably, it is the manifestation of mythogenetics radiation.

Most relative to the present research is the «Research of efficiency remote neutron therapy and local hyperthermia combination for treatment radioresistant tumor» project ( This project assumes complex influence of hyperthermia and stream of neutrons (14 MeV) on a tumor. However, first, neutrons are distributed uniformly, both on a tumor, and on healthy cells. While on offered technology, the charged particles are located in the tumor, i.e. on Bregge peak that makes them more effective for treatment of cancer. Second, in the alternative project, the hyperthermia effect is not proved physically and it is supposed to search for the decision by trial and error method, but it is obviously known, that neutrons amaze healthy cells.

Major project purposes are as follows:

1. To determine the physical properties of the atom nucleuses of normal and abnormal (cancer) cells.
2. What is the reason of abnormal (cancer) cells?
3. To find the border between life and death or between bioorganic and organic substances.
4. What is the essence of the hyperthermia phenomenon?

The purpose of the present research is definition of accumulation degree of heavy nitrogen in normal and abnormal biocells for a theoretical substantiation of hyperthermia and negative pions therapies of a cancer.

The researches would result in determining:

1. Physical properties of atom nucleus of normal and abnormal (cancer) cells.
2. The reason of abnormal cells’ formation in organism.
3. The physical effects, causing transition of normal cells into the abnormal form.
4. Border between life and death or between bioorganic and organic substances.
5. Essence of a hyperthermia phenomenon: physical sense under laws of quantum and classical physics.
6. The substance causing the termination of mythogenetics radiation.

As the result, the reason of cancer would be determined and the right method for cancer therapy would be chosen. Abnormal substance is the new type of piding substance with oozing energy 26.8 Mev of C-N-cycle. Previous research by the proposal authors found the interaction of 15N in thermonuclear C-N cycle and abnormal substance in cancer cells. The C-N cycle in abnormal substance breaks under the impact of p--mesons into 15N isotope, and abnormal substance is the chemical join of heavy 15N oxide and dioxide in chelates.

The experimental confirmation of the results is needed. In the project that works are planned.


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