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Titanium Alloys for Medical Instrumentation


The New Titanium Alloys With Increased Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Resistance for Medical Instruments and their Coatings

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Institute of Metallurgy, Georgia, Tbilisi


  • CEA / DCC / Centre de Valrho / Laboratoire Materiaux Mecanique, France, Pierrelatte\nUniversity of Idacho / Institute for Materials and Advanced Processes, USA, ID, Moscow\nCenter for Advanced Mineral & Metallurgical Processing, USA, MT, Butte

Project summary

The aim of the present project is the development of new corrosion resistant titanium alloys for medical instruments with increased strength and hardness by investigating phase equilibrium and structural transformations, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance in medical solutions. Another aim of the project is the development of technology of preparation from these alloys of nanocrystalline tapes and powders for coatings of special medical tools.

The application of the new promising materials characterized with increased strength, hardness, wear, and especially, corrosion-resistance play the significant role in the decision of the problem of improvement of functional properties of medical instruments and increase of their quality, reliability and service life.

Titanium and its alloys, due to a successful combination of high strength, sufficient technological properties, small density and good corrosion resistance are gaining wider application for medical instruments production, used in general surgery, stomatology, neurosurgery, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology etc. The application of titanium alloys for surgical implants, micro instruments and also sets of microsurgical instruments in combination with stainless steels is most expedient.

Titanium alloys used now for medical instruments have no sufficient hardness and corrosion-resistance in aggressive washing, disinfection and sterilizing media.

The analysis of the data given in literature and results of our earlier investigations showed, that the development of the corrosion-resistant titanium based alloys with the increased strength and hardness is possible by their complex alloying with nickel, chromium, silicon and germanium.

The object in view can be realized by two ways: 1) by selection of appropriate alloying elements and 2) preparation of amorphous and nanocrystalline titanium alloys, which should be characterized by the increased strength and corrosion resistance. For the preparation of amorphous alloys two methods can be envisaged: 1) quenching from liquid state and 2) mechanical alloying.

In the literature there are no data on the behavior of ternary titanium based alloys: Ti-Ni-Cr, Ti-Ni-Si, Ti-Ni-Ge in washing, disinfection and sterilization solutions for medical tools; the separate and complex influence of above mentioned alloying elements on corrosion and mechanical properties of titanium is not investigated; data is scarce about phase equilibrium in titanium rich multicomponent alloys.

The project is directed on the decision of the following tasks:

- Definition of promising concentration areas for the elaboration of corrosion resistant alloys with the increased strength and hardness;
- Establishment of physico-chemical interaction character in titanium rich alloys; construction of polythermal sections of phase diagrams;
- Development of new titanium alloys for medical engineering, in particular, for manufacturing microsurgical and clamping tools, implants etc.;
- Preparation of amorphous tapes and nanocrystalline powder titanium alloys with optimum mechanical properties and corrosion resistance for coatings of working parts of medical tools applied by methods of plasma spraying and electro-spark alloying.

For performance of these tasks the realization of the following works is planned:

- Investigation of separate and complex influence of alloying elements on structure, phase constituents, mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and electrochemical characteristics of titanium alloys in medical solutions;
- Elaboration of optimum regimes of thermal treatment of new titanium alloys for obtaining high mechanical properties in medical tools;
- Development of technology of preparation of nanocrystalline tapes and powder alloys for coatings of medical tools by electrospark alloying;
- Investigation of corrosion resistance of new crystalline, amorphous and powder titanium alloys in disinfecting, washing and sterilizing solutions for medical tools; realization of chemical analyses of the used solutions.
- Investigation of toxic properties of new titanium alloys implanted under skin and in abdominal cavity of animals.

Its implementation will result in:

- Elaboration of new titanium-nickel based alloys with the increased mechanical properties for medical tools, in particular, for manufacturing microsurgical, clamping tools and implants;
- Preparation of nanocrystalline and amorphous tapes and powder titanium alloys for coatings of medical tools with hardened working parts.

The application of new titanium alloys with the increased mechanical properties and corrosion resistance in medical engineering will allow to increase the quality, reliability, service life of medical tools and to improve their functional properties.

The results received within the framework of the project, will be handed to the interested firms producing medical tools and will serve to an establishment of both scientific and partner connections and full scale market relations.

Investigations will be carried out using electron microscopy and methods of metallographical, electrochemical, thermal, X-ray structural and spectral analysis.

For corrosion tests will be used: a physiological solution (0.9% NaCl), blood, tissue liquid, gastric juice (1% HCl), and also solutions used for disinfection, washing and sterilization of medical instruments.

Collaborator will take part in an exchange of the information during the project implementation, cross check of results and in the assessment of technical reports.

The project realizes the following purposes of ISTC:

- Gives to the experts of Georgia, former weapon scientists opportunity for reorientation of their activities on peace efforts;
- Encourages integration of the scientists of Georgia in the international scientific community;
- Supports applied researches in the peace purposes, especially, in the field of medical engineering;
- Promotes acquaintance of the foreign scientists and experts with advanced achievements of Georgian materials scientists and helps to apply their wide experience in the elaboration of new titanium alloys for medical tools.

The collective of the scientists participating in the submitted project, has wide experience in creation new steels, alloys and metal coatings successfully introduced into various industries. The authors of the project during many years carried out researches on the influence of alloying elements: iron, chromium, aluminum, copper, nickel, germanium, manganese etc. on structure, mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and electrochemical characteristics of titanium in acid, alkaline, neutral and medical solutions, and also on research and development of new maraging steels for medical tools.

The developers of the project were the organizers and participants of the international conferences and symposiums. Their works are published in various journals. The majority of them participated in the development of the defensive programs.

The realization of the project will enable the scientists of Georgia, including weapon scientists to bring in their contribution in the decision of major problems of materials science and corrosion, will allow to create additional workplaces and to assist conversion processes.


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