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Superlight Source of Radiation


Superlight Source of Electromagnetic Radiation. Possibility of creation. Application for Creation of Electric Field with Extreme Parameter.

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  • PHY-PLS/Plasma Physics/Physics

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Senior Project Manager
Bunyatov K S

Leading Institute
VNIITF, Russia, Chelyabinsk reg., Snezhinsk


  • Los-Alamos National Laboratory, USA, NM, Los-Alamos

Project summary

The goal of the project is to develop the theoretical basis for creating the sufficiently powerful (W>>106Wt) electromagnetic radiation source with the supershort pulse duration (t<10-12 sec) and to elaborate a fully self-consistent theory of generation and amplification of electromagnetic radiation driven by charges moving with faster-then-light velocity. Such sources can have wide application in navigation technic with high resolution, in industry and in scientific installations. In particular it is assumed to consider the application possibility of these sources for creating the superstrong electric field ( E>1CP V/cm) in the volume of the order of 1 cm3.

During the project realization it is supposed:

- to investigate the microwave radiation generated by charges moving with faster-then-light velocity along metallic surface (infinite and finite);

- to study the electromagnetic wave parameters as function of current amplitude, time history and spectral distribution of charges;

- to investigate the generation and amplification of monochromatic microwave radiation excited by charges moving with faster-then-light velocity along the internal surface of metallic waveguide.

We plan

- to describe electromagnetic fields as a function of time in two and three dimensions via the solving of the Maxwell equations with given current;

- to realize direct simulation of plasma, interaction of electron beams with EV through the Vlasov-Maxwell equations that will be solved by finite-difference, self-consistent two dimensional code using particle-in-mesh method.

The study of electromagnetic fields generated by charges moving with faster-then-light velocity is of scientific and practical importance. Emanated radiation may possess a unique value of strength, power, pergence, duration. However the number of scientific publications on this problem is very few.

Results of our investigations may serve the theoretical basis for the design of

i) new type high-power microwave sources,

ii) novel acceleration devices with acceleration gradients in excess of 10 GeV/m. Participants of the project are 3 physicists and 5 mathematician/programmers, who have worked for many years on some problems related to nuclear weapons.

The proposal presents the novel idea of high power microwave generation that's why we don't name foreign collaborators. But we think that the results of this work will be interesting for laboratories which are engaged in investigating and designing of microwave sources, high-gradient accelerators, radars and use high power microwaves in industrial processing, medical diagnostics.


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