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Fruit Growing Method by Stem Cutting


Accelerated Production of Planting Material for Fruit Crops from Hardwood Cuttings Using Effective Growth Regulators

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Leading Institute
Kazakh Research Institute of Fruit Growing and Viticulture, Kazakstan, Almaty

Supporting institutes

  • National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakstan / Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kazakstan, Almaty


  • Southern Illinois University, USA, IL, Carbondale\nInstitute of Horticulture and Vegetables, Germany, Bonn

Project summary

The purpose of the research is to elaborate a scientifically well-founded technology for the cultivation of a planting material of fruit cultures on the basis of hardwood cuttings, using Kazakhstan growth stimulants, ionizing radiation, optimal nutrition of plants and with conservation of soil fertility.

Research problems:

1. Detection of new rootstock forms and sorts of fruit cultures; of the most valuable, with hardwood mostly suitable for root regeneration.

2. Detection of new methods for the stimulation of plant growth to increase the efficiency of the propagation of a planting material.
3. Elaboration of technological methods for the propagation of rootstocks and cultural sorts of apples, pears, palms, cherry, apricot, a complex system of fertilizers, and agrotechnical measures to increase the percentage of planting output from hardwood cuttings.

The propagation of rootstocks and cultural sorts of fruit crops from hardwood (stem) cuttings remains an unresolved issue in nursery practice.

The technology proposed by the Kazakh Research Institute of Fruit Growing and Viticulture of obtaining plantings from hardwood cuttings is simple, does not require large expenditure or specialized buildings (hothouses), has large practical value in obtaining a planting material of a cheap commodity, and provides new fundamentals for the support of fruit nursery practice.

5 doctors, 5 candidates of sciences, 11 specialists and technicians will take part in the design. All participants are experienced in similar research and have a high level of proficiency. Many have published literature on the given subject.

Subject to the conditions and tasks pertaining to ISTC projects, scientists and experts with previous experience in weapons development will participate. Joint research with foreign collaborators will allow the scientists to become integrated within the international scientific community.

The new technology will be recommended for specialized, economic applications that specialize in the cultivation of a planting material, which will satisfy in full the requirements of planting intensive orchards, and which will make the branch of fruit growing more competitive in the world market, helping to increase employment for the agricultural population of the republic.

To this end, a large volume of work is required. A thorough estimation should be performed into the efficiency of rootstocks and sorts of fruit cultures through their propagation from hardwood cuttings. Major economical and biological indexes of the most valuable rootstocks and cultural sorts of apple, pear, cherry, plum, sweet-cherry, apricot, and peach that have been grown from hardwood cuttings will be rated. On the basis of the estimation mother plantations of rootstocks and sorts will be created with an aim to store the sorts of hardwood cuttings. A large volume of works will be conducted on development of methods to obtain prospective rootstocks and planting materials of fruit cultures from hardwood cuttings. Herein, recent achievements in biotechnology will be utilized, as well as effective growth regulators, ionizing radiation, effective fertilizer systems, supporting the conservation of soil fertility, different agrotechnic methods, nurseries and so on. Control over conservation of soil fertility and microbiological monitoring of planting materials will be carried out.

Research under the given project is planned in field conditions using laboratory methods of research. Field experiments, registrations and observations will be conducted according to methodological recommendations.


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