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Processing of Goldcontaining Antimony Ores


Ecologically Friendly Processing of Goldcontaining Antimony Ores of Georgia

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Institute of Metallurgy, Georgia, Tbilisi


  • South Dakota School of Mines and Technology / College of Material Science and Engineering, USA, SD, Rapid City\nFLOGEN Technologies, Canada, QC, Montreal\nCenter for Advanced Mineral & Metallurgical Processing, USA, MT, Butte\nUniversite de Liege, Belgium, Liege

Project summary

The economy of Georgia is substantially caused by an effective utilization of local mineral raw material. In this direction the large interest represents use of goldcontaining antimony-arsenopyrite ores.

In this connection rather urgent the decision of a complex of tasks on effective utilization of these ores is with the purpose of reception arsenic and antimony sulphides, also metal Sb and Au, in view of the inevitable decision of questions of ecological and economic characters.

One of the perspective directions of reception arsenic and antimony sulphides and metal Sb are the ecologically pure technologies of vacuumtermal of processing of sulphide antimony concentrates, and also double-process of iron (or some other metal) reduction of metallic stibium from its sulphides, that excludes necessity of application of the additional additives used in other technological processes proceeding practically in open environment and, hence ecologically unacceptable conditions.

Except for the small literary given item of information on realization of specified processes are absent; are absent also any research of physicochemical bases of these processes.

Existing methods of extraction of gold from goldcontaining ores (the process of cyaniding is special) are characterized high toxical and hence not ecological. From this positions the preference should be given back to considerably less toxic processes of extraction of gold with use of thioureal and bacterial leaching.

The purpose of the submitted projects is:

1. study of antimony and high-temperature processes of reception sulphide antimony and metal Sb (complete thermodynamic analysis of system Sb-S, Sb-S-Fe, Sb-S-Al);
2. the research of kinetic processes of extraction sulphide of antimony and arsenic and metal Sb from concentrates;
3. the research of process of extraction of gold with use of thioureal and bacterial leaching of “secondary” concentrates.

The complete thermodynamic analysis of the specified systems will be carried out (spent) with help of a program complex ASTRA–4, tests on study of kinetic of extraction of sulphides of antimony and arsenic from concentrates, and two steps receptions metal Sb will be executed with structure bath by high-temperature installation with automatic record of a course of process, and also by use of special metal “bomb”.

The researches pursue the purpose of disclosing of a nature and development physico-chemical bases of high-temperature processes in the specified systems, specifications of some technological parameters of sulphides reception of Sb and As, and metal Sb too. Alongside with it, the optimum conditions of the process of leaching of gold from “secondary” concentrates by solutions thioureal and condition of its extraction from solutions with electrolysis will be investigated. The process of bacterial extraction of gold shall also be researched.

The project will be executed in the Institute of metallurgy by him. F.N.Tavadze of an Academy of sciences of Georgia where since 1997 the works will be carried out, scientific research in the field of the above-stated processes. The results of researches are generalized in scientifically research reports.

Taking into account the ISTC tasks and goals the project will be participated by 60% "weapon" scientists and specialists.

Using stuff under the submitted project to work of a technique of researches of thermodynamics and the kinetics can be applied in different industries, at study of similar processes.

The main technical decision of researches in the offered project in the development of ecologically of pure process of complex processing goldcontaining antimonial-arsenopyrite of ore for extraction of products, having commercial value.

The support of the project will have a positive social-economic effect for Georgia. On first hand, the energy and the efforts of a team of leading scientist who served the Military defense sector, would be shifted towards peaceful production with minimal financial expenses when compared to analogous conventional projects of the same Kind. On second hand, this will be promotive of scientific and economic progress.


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