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Pharmaceuticals Production from Local Raw Materials


Development of Methodology of Producing Medications with Given Medical Properties from Local Raw Materials, Study of Their Pharmacological Effects and Spare of Their Use

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  • MED-DRG/Drug Discovery/Medicine
  • BIO-CHM/Biochemistry/Biotechnology

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Leading Institute
Kyrgyz-Russian Slavonic University, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek

Supporting institutes

  • The Republican Government Enterprise on the basic of economic control rights “Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems” , Kazakstan, Gvardeiski

Project summary

Project objectives: to develop new technologies for the production of medications with given medicinal properties on the basis of processing local raw natural material for external and internal usage.

The novelty of the project includes the increased efficacy of biologically active substances during their use in pathological conditions of the organism. The effects are as follows:

- Pain-release factor.
- Cleansing of wounds and ulcers from necrotic masses and liquidating intoxication.
- Fast therapeutic effect for burns, thermal, chemical and radial affection and wounds of different etiology (gunshot wounds, post-trauma side effects, etc.).

Preliminary data have already been obtained; they require profound research in developing new methods for the production and clinical practice of new medications, meeting demands of a world standard.

With this purpose, medicinal raw material was cultivated; extraction of the biologically-active substances by the way of percolation, maturation, re-percolation by spirit-aqueous solvents of different content, and extraction by mineral oils which are allowed to use in medicine.

Preliminary research results indicate that biologically-active substances:

- Suppress the increase of gram-positive microflora.
- Liquidate intoxication of the organism if applying bandages to wounds or taking per os.
- Heal wounds and ulcers through accelerated epithelization and granulation (not cicatrizing) with cosmetic effect.

Sphere of use:

- Chemistry;
- Traumatology;
- Proctology;
- Burns treatment;
- Toxicology;
- Oncology;
- Radiation therapy.

Counter-indications, complications and side-effects have not been discovered.

From a commercial point of view, the project will present inexpensive, ready medications with a defined certain range of pharmacological use both among the peaceful population and in military zones. The project conforms with the objectives of the ISTC, applying the professional knowledge of “defense” scientists and engineers of the Kyrgyz Republic and Kazakhstan to the solution of peaceful and national problems, collaboration in the transition to a market economy, and involvement of scientists of the Kyrgyz Republic and Kazakhstan in the international scientific community.

The results of the project will allow collaborators, previously involved in defense systems against weapons of mass-destruction, to gain requalification in the elaboration of biopreparations for the national economy and to adapt to the new conditions of organized scientific activity.


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