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Biopreparation against soil fungous diseases


Creation of Granular Biopreparation Against Soil Fungous Diseases of Plants

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  • BIO-SFS/Biosafety and BioSecurity/Biotechnology

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Tbilisi State University, Georgia, Tbilisi


  • Vienna University of Technology, Austria, Vienna\nTechnical University of Helsinki, Finland, Helsinki

Project summary

The project objective is to create a granular biological product against soil pathogenic fungi that cause diseases of cultural agricultural plants, in which as pellets will be used natural zeolite, and the antagonist-fungus Trichoderma will be a toxic onset.
State in field of investigation
It is now widely used chemical methods of protection the agricultural plants from pests. However, their widespread use not only brings benefits to agriculture, but also the harm that is expressed in the emergence of new resistant pests, contamination of crops by residues of pesticides, because every time they increase the rate of consumption of preparations or use all the new chemicals and to apply even more damage to the environment and ultimately to human health. All over the world are working to develop effective safe forms and methods of combating pests, taking into account both agronomic and chemical methods and the use of resistant cultivars and biological enemies of pests. It is known that the pathogenic fungal organisms, living in soil, can cause great damage to crop plants and in general agriculture. There are the natural conditions in Georgia that contribute to their reproduction. That's why today is not just a matter of strictly regulated use of pesticides, but also about the search for highly effective, but less dangerous to the biosphere of pesticides and their preparative forms, and the search the preparations of new generation , called biologics.
The influence of the proposed project on the progress in this area
In a project will be possible to develop and create a granular biological preparation, based on the fungi Trichoderma and natural zeolite against soil fungal pathogens. According to our preliminary results of the granular biological product is highly effective against soil inhabiting pathogens and less harmful to the environment. In addition, the proposed biological product is stable in storage, does not cake, it is easy to make and use, and, which is especially important, has a prolonged effect.
The competence of participants in the project in this area
Project participants have years of experience in phytopathology research in the field of plant protection, application of the methods of biophysics and analytical chemistry, in protection technology the environmental, in the modification of natural zeolites, depending on the application field, the technology of preparation and inoculation of granular products.
Expected results and their application
Proposed biological preparation, prepared on the basis of the zeolite is a highly effective against soil pathogenic fungi organisms. The duration of the toxic effect is longer than of recommended currently preparations. Therefore it is sufficient to introduce it into the ground only once. Duration of it's action, resistance and other positive properties is due to the filler nature of granular preparation.
Relevance of the objectives of the ISTC project
In the project there are busy the professionals with expertise in weapons of mass destruction (31.25 % of total employment), and the project has only peaceful purposes, it is consistent with the objectives of the ISTC.
Compliance with these objectives is also achieved by the planned involvement in the international community of scientists from the participating organizations, by providing information on the project at international conferences and seminars.
Data on the volume of work
The project will be implemented on following main activities:
- Selection of pathogenic organisms against which will be tested the prepared granular preparations;
- Obtaining of the modified zeolite adsorbents, relevant to our purposes by treatment it in various conditions;
- Breeding of the antagonist-fungal organisms against soil pathogens;
- Study the effect of granulated product on pathogenic organisms;
- The selection of agricultural plants for the experiments;
- Laboratory and field experiments to determine the influence of the tested preparations on pathogenic organisms;
- Execution the large-scale test of the prepared granular biological preparations in the field conditions;
- Development of recommendations;
- Providing the results to the international scientific community.
The role of foreign collaborators
As collaborator of this project has shown a desire to participate:
1. Irina S. Druzhinina ( Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Chemical Engineering, Austria)
2. Matti Lampi (Helsinki University, Finland)
They are ready to: exchange information during the project, provide comments on the scientific and technical reports, provide advice and methodological assistance, to assist project participants in attending international seminars, meetings and conferences.
Technical approach and methodology.
Technical approach and methodology for the implementation of the project include:
- Implementation of contact with the company, where carried out the crushing of zeolites;
- Delivery of crushed zeolite samples, suitable for experiments;
- The ion-exchange method of making of zeolite samples;
- X-ray analysis;
- Thermogravimetric analysis
- To obtain the active substrate - fungi Trichoderma;
- The creation of granular biological preparations.


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