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Industrial -demonstration technology of purification of sewage’s


Industrial Demonstration of Environmentally Friendly Technology of Purification of Sewage's from Heavy Metals and Petroleum Products by the Method of Flotoelectrocoagulation

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  • ENV-OTH/Other/Environment

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Leading Institute
Institute of Metallurgy, Georgia, Tbilisi


  • Universitat Regensburg Fakultat Physik, Germany, Regensburg\nTohoku University, Japan, Sendai

Project summary

The purpose of the project is development and approbation of industrial - demonstration technology of clearing of sewage’s from heavy metals and petroleum products by a method of flotoelectrocoagulation, which was developed in result of the researches executed in 2002 - 2004 years within the framework of the project ISTC G-577.

One of problems of an environmental protection is the clearing of sewage’s of industrial wastes: heavy metals and petroleum products.

The urgency of this problem permanently increases together with a development of industry and usage of new materials, to which production the components including heavy metals, poisoning and carcinogenic substance are applied.

Among purification methods of sewage’s most effective are the electrochemical methods. Despite of it, there are problems requiring of researches and new constructional solutions. In particular, for today a problem is that the existing installations aimed for solution of the concrete tasks, can not simultaneously effectively separate a different origin or impurities contained in sewage’s in a wide range of concentrations, are complex on a design, bulky and as a result their practical application is at a loss.

In Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science of the Academy of Sciences of Georgia the research work on rise of efficiency of clearing of sewage’s by a method of electrochemical clearing is finished. The research is fulfilled at financial supporting of ISTC (Project G-577) in laboratory conditions on designed original experimental installation - flotoelectrocoagulation.

As a result of designed new constructional and technological solutions, in laboratory conditions the high effectiveness of clearing of sewage’s not only from heavy metals (Pb, Cd, Cu, Cr, Fe, Ni, Co), but also from petroleum and stains is reached.

However, as well as in most cases, development of technological character, needs scale industrial check of correctness of results of scientific researches. And, in this case, in absence of an opportunity of demonstration of the developed technology it is difficult to hope for achievement of a market demand for its use.

The novelty of the project consists that will be designed the industrial technology of clearing of sewage waters, which on the basis of one multipurpose installation includes processes of an electrolysis, coagulation, floatation, separation of foamy and precipitant reactions products, utilization of slag and reusing of treated water.

Scientific and practical value of the project:

  • The possibility of operational development of the designed technology of electrochemical clearing of sewage’s for application in real workshop conditions with usage of one multipurpose installation suitable as for deleting heavy metals, and petroleum will be reached.
  • The check of operation of separate units of cleaning installation will be realized and all work cycles, including processes of an electrolysis, coagulation, floatation, separation of foam reaction products, separations of precipitant reaction products, utilization of slag and reusing of treated water will be improved;
  • On industrial objects (Tbilisi Aircraft Building Plant, the Batumi Shipyard) where will be fulfilled operation, the clearing of industrial sewage’s from heavy metals (Pb, Cd, Cu, Cr, Fe, Ni, Co) and petroleum up to permissible concentrations and by that all necessary conditions for environmental protection will be reached.
  • The technological and commercial possibilities of installation, the productivity and the concrete conditions of commercialization will be defined allowing the potential companies - customers to make sure of reproducibility of outcomes of the offered technology.

Competence of participants of project:

Highly qualified scientific specialists earlier involved in the defense ministry and offices of the USSR are involved in the project. Therefore, support of the project from the party ISTC will have the relevant social and economic significance for Georgia, as on the one hand, the knowledge of these scientists will be directed on development of new effective technologies in the field of the environmental protection which has been carried out at an international level, and on the other hand, to promote their implicating in international community, and also realization of policy of Republic at a stage of transition to market economy.

The organization - participant of the given project Institute of metallurgy of an Academy of sciences of Georgia guarantees maintenance of the participants of the project by premise, equipment and other financial assets for realization of operations. The equipment and the research and development instrumentation available in Institute, basically is sufficient for accomplishment of the given project at a high research and development and experimental - designer level.

The role of foreign collaborators basically will be the recommendations for a technique of realization and testing of investigations, commentaries to developed technologies, realization of joint seminars on discussion of a course of fulfillment of operations, issue of the information on marketing and commercialization of the project.


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