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Device for Radioactive and Explosive Materials Detection


Development of a Combined Device for the Detection of Unauthorised Transportation of Explosive, Fissionable and Radioactive Materials

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  • INS-DET/Detection Devices/Instrumentation

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Senior Project Manager
Bugaev D V

Leading Institute
Krylov Central Research Institute, Russia, St Petersburg

Supporting institutes

  • Mendeleev Institute of Metrology, Russia, St Petersburg\nScientific and Technical Center RATEC, Russia, St Petersburg


  • Trilogy International Associates, LLC, USA, CA, Sonora

Project summary

Rogue nations, terrorists, and criminals have always sought weapons with which to threaten their opponents or victims. Explosive (ES), radioactive (RS), and fissionable (FS) substances are much sought after today as the basis of this threat. The needed improvement in today's control systems for these substances requires better, affordable detection equipment.

This project proposes the development combined device for detection of ES, FS, RS on the basis of working installation for identification of explosive substances in the air-passengers luggage which was developed by firm "RATEC" (St.-Petersburg, Russia) by using Thermal Neutron Analysis. In various countries the similar problems are solved partially or completely by application of the whole complex of means (X-ray installations, portal monitors for radioactive materials, metal detectors) and using hand-operated examination. In the present project the transformation of installation for the ES control in the airports in to combined installation which can also identify fissionable and radioactive materials will allow to use experience of creation of such installation main elements (the neutron source and channel of registration of gamma-ray) for essential expansion of its possibilities. Besides the application of an active method for fissionable materials registration reduces the efficiency of possible camouflage of FS. For the decision of this problem the experts with the large experience of work in the field of design the modern equipment which use neutron capture methods of measurements and also calculation of propagation neutron and gamma - ray in various materials are involved.

As a result of the fulfillment of the project the instantiation prototype will be make and will be the opportunity to create the complex variant of installation for explosive, fissionable and radioactive materials identification and to organize the manufacture of serial models of installations on a commercial basis.

This project completely realizes the aims and the tasks of ISTC. It gives opportunity to the scientists and specialists from Russia connected with the creation of the weapon carriers reorient the activity for peace purposes. It also solves of science consuming and material consuming technical problems in the field of the control for unauthorized moving of explosive, fissionable and radioactive materials.

The following main work will be carried out in the project:

- development and substantiation of the main technical requirements in maintenance for creation of combined installation for identification of FS, RS, ES;
- development and creation of the instantiation prototype;
- laboratory tests of installation and determination of its main characteristics.

In this work a neutron capture principle of the element analysis of object structure with the registration characteristic primary and secondary neutron and gamma radiation for explosive and fissionable materials will be used.

This work is supposed to be carried out in cooperation with scientific research institutes of Korea Republic and the USA by changing of information at joint seminars, participation of their representatives in testing of created installation and technical check of work by the members of ISTC.


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