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Development of Radioprotectors for Energy Absorption of Ionizing Radiation


The Investigation of the Possibility to Obtain Radioprotectors with Nontraditional Mechanism of Action on the Basis of Substances, Capable to Absorb Energy of Ionising Irradiation

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  • MED-RAD/Radiomedicine/Medicine

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Senior Project Manager
Weaver L M

Leading Institute
State Research Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • Institute of Biochemical Physics, Russia, Moscow


  • Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority / Statens Stralevern, Norway, Osteras\nPittsburgh University, USA, PA, Pittsburgh

Project summary

The purpose of the project consists in reception the synthesis of new medicinal compounds for pharmachemical protection from ionizing irradiation including low dose

The idea of the project is based on known property of some organic compounds, possessing specific p-electronic systems to accept energy of ionizing irradiation with further transformation into nonionizing form and also the ability of these substances to form carry of the charge complexes in chemical and biochemical systems. It is necessary to note, that according to literary data, the redistribution of energy in system can proceed with high efficiency even at concentration of acceptor 10-5 - 10-7 M.

Is expected, that within the framework of the present project will be synthesized substances, having radioprotective properties and nontraditional mechanism of action. Radioprotective effect of these substances will be performed by the charge transfer and resonance energy transfer from irradiation exited biomacromolecules to the protecting agent, which will disseminate it as low-energy photons and heat.

It is represented probable, that the similar substances can be found among derivates of p-terphenil, oxasol, dibenz[b,e]-D>1,3,6-azepins and some other compounds, containing specific p-electronic systems.

Earlier the compounds of such type in quality radioprotectors were not studied. At revealing at substance of radioprotective action, combination of the assistants in its molecule optimum pharmacokinetic parameters (low toxity, a necessary ratio between hydrophobity and hydrophility and other properties) is supposed to give to compound.

It is possible, that at different variants of distribution of substance on organs, compounds, having selectivity at radioprotection or radiosensibilization normal and tumorous organs at X-therapy, can be found.

Study of an opportunity of use synthesized substances for potenciation of radiprotectors, used at the moment in clinical practice is planned.

In case of detection of compounds with a necessary complex of biological and physico-chemical properties, recommendations for creation of radioprotective medicinal preparations with nontraditional structure will be made.

In GosNIIOKhT to the present time methods of synthesis some of set forth above compounds are mastered and in IBKhPh RAS experience of radiobiological researches on the laboratory animals and model systems is saved.

Besides synthetic researches in GosNIIOKhT study of ability of synthesized substances to absorption b-radiation (radioisotopes) and their acute toxity is planned.

Test of radioprotective properties of selected substances and compositions on the laboratory animals, research of pharmacochemical protection genetic and membrane apparatus of a cell, and also the study of selectivity of action of preparations concerning normal and tumorous organs at X-therapy of the animals - tumor-host is planned to carry out in IBKhPh RAS.

Thus, the project corresponds to the purposes ISTC, namely: support of fundamental and applied researches in the peace purposes, encouragement further involving of the scientists and engineers, connected to development of the chemical weapon, in international community.


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