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Development of the Complex of Prosthetic Aids. Modules of Lower Limbs of Advanced Functioning

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  • MAN-ROB/Robotics/Manufacturing Technology

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Frenkel B M

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NPO Energia, Russia, Moscow reg., Korolev


  • Dublin City University / School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Ireland, Dublin\nUniversity of Salford, UK, Salford\nFraunhofer Institute fur Biomed. Technic, Germany, St Incbert\nCenter of Orthopedic Appliances Tzatzaliaris S.A., Greece, Athens\nCarl Duisberg Gesellschaft, Germany, Köln\nFraunhofer Institut fur Angewandte Materialforschung, Germany, Dresden\nMeccanica Tecnica Ortopedica S.P.A., Italy, Casalecchio di Reno

Project summary

The purpose of this project is the creation of the prosthetic aids complex. This complex includes the prosthetic modules of upper and lower limbs prostheses, orthotic modules, advanced materials and technologies of prosthetics, technological equipment for prosthetic-orthopedic manufacturing centers.

It’s proposed to carry out the project providence, scientific-research and technological investigations, to develop design documentation and to create the experimental samples of prostheses. In these works one uses the achievements of the rocket & space industry in the field analysis of structural elements working at a high level of static & cyclic strains and in the field of creation of very strong and simultaneously elastic details of composite materials. The prosthetic building is carried out on the basis of modular principle, which allows one to change modules and to create a wide spectrum of prostheses for satisfaction of the particular patient, having a limited quantity of modules. The prosthetic modules are made of titanium and high firmness aluminum alloys, high class steels, which are used in rocket & space technologies.

As the first step of works it’s proposed to improve the prototypes of the most advanced prostheses of lower limbs prostheses . These prostheses are the most often used orthopedic products, and the quality of prostheses of lower limbs prostheses is the most important factor that determines abilities if the social rehabilitation of the invalids.

At this step it is proposed to carry out the works on the foot modules, as well as on some kinds of prostheses of advanced functioning, such as pneumatic foots, which are able to adapt to the conditions of walking and shoes by pressure changing.

The design of complex will allow one:

· To contribute to some extent the conversion process of a large, leading organization in the rocket & space complex of the country, which S.P. Korolev Rocket & Space Corporation Energia is to market economy.

· To convert the scientific-industrial potential to the manufacturing of social oriented products.

· To preserve working places for scientists and engineers, whose activity is directed now to the development of the rocket & space technology, to reorient their efforts to the development of products for peaceful social purposes, which will increase the well being of Russia’s and CIS people.

· To involve the scientists and engineers, who are now working on rocket & space technologies, in global pision of labour and international scientific community, to create the long time perspectives for their professional activities in Russia, what will give rise to non-spreading of knowledge and experience, connected with rocket & space technology.

· To fill the existing shortage of Russian high class prostheses which takes place nowadays. And to satisfy as full as possible the needs of different categories of invalids for products, necessary for their adaptation and for making the way of life of invalids as close as possible to the life of healthy people.

As a result of the project one expects the preparation for industrial manufacturing of the samples of prosthetic-orthopedic products, containing the vanguard technical solutions, protected by patents of RF, belonging to the S.P. Korolev Rocket & Space Corporation Energia, and honoured with rewards at established international innovational exhibitions.


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