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Basalt fiber Materials


Production of Basalt Fibers, Composite Materials and Manufacturing Articles on Their Basis

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  • MAT-COM/Composites/Materials
  • MAN-PDM/Plant Design and Maintenance/Manufacturing Technology

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Leading Institute
NIIGrafit, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • MISIS (Steel and Alloys), Russia, Moscow

Project summary

The main operational problems of the various metal pipeline transport systems are related to corrosion that results in the need of means for protection from corrosion including electrochemical ones along with a lot of maintenance operations. Nowadays pipeline systems being the main and the most efficient type of transportation for gaseous and liquid mediums consume up to 60% of industrially manufactured pipes for maintenance purposes. The guaranteed period of the pipelines operating is from 3 to 15 years in case of special protective insulation means and application of the electrochemical corrosion protection.

The production of pipes made of composite materials (mainly on the glass fibers basis) is considered as the promising trend and the industrial manufacturing of them already takes place. Still the cost of these pipes is higher than the metal ones. This economic factor restrains composite materials pipelines production.

It is necessary to find new materials and technologies for pipes cost decreasing. The perspective alternative for the glass fiber is the basalt one, which can be manufactured by a single operation that stipulates lower production costs in comparison with the glass fiber by 10-20%. One should take into consideration a wider temperature range of the basalt fibers.

The main goal of this project is the research and development of new types of basalt fibers based composite materials, elaboration and improvement of the techniques for manufacturing articles production from these materials, making pilot equipment for implementation of the elaborated technologies.

It is proposed to carry out a complex of fundamental and applied researches along with experimental design works in order to produce basalt fibers and composite materials on these basis. As well the project includes making pilot prototype installations of basalt fibers production equipment. After the theoretical estimations the basalt fibers making would be carried out under various operational conditions according to the new technology. The complex test of the produced basalt fibers will be carried out in order to obtain proper operating conditions of the manufacturing process. By investigating basalt fibers and the basalt based materials their main physical specifications will be determined, including their thermal conductivity and linear expansion coefficients, sound absorption coefficient at various acoustical frequencies, structure and amount of non-fiber inclusions per mass or volume, hygroscopic ability, mechanical properties, etc.

The application of these newly developed composite materials will presume to produce such manufacturing articles as tubes for pipelines with operating service life of 60-70 years and therefore sufficiently avoid ecological and engineering problems arising with pipeline transport systems use.

The staff of «NIIGRAFIT» and «MISA» include high-skilled engineers and scientists who have already worked in this field so they have had definite experience and got some results in this area.

All this will promote the efficient solution of the tasks mentioned above and will do allow to obtain new highly effective composite materials on the basalt fibers basis.

Expected Results

New composite materials on the basis of basalt fibers and new composite based manufacturing articles are expected to be elaborated. Use of the elaborated composite materials for tube production will do allow to increase efficiency and reliability of pipeline transport systems. It is very important either from economical or ecological points of view.

A particular result of the Project fulfilment will be the pilot equipment for basalt fibers based composite materials pipes manufacturing as well as experimental lots of pipes from these composite materials.


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