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Superhigh Magnetic Fields for Diamond Production Technology


Application of Megagauss Magnetic Fields for Improving Monolithic Diamond and Diamond-Like Material Technology, using the Dynamic-Static Compression Method

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  • MAT-SYN/Materials Synthesis and Processing/Materials

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Leading Institute
Center of High Dynamic Pressure, Russia, Moscow reg., Mendeleevo

Supporting institutes

  • VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov\nTRINITI, Russia, Moscow reg., Troitsk

Project summary

Pulsing pressure already more than 30 years are applied to synthesis of diamond and diamond- like boron nitride. Research shock compressibility of the graphite showed, that at pressure is higher 10-20 Gpa there is the phase transformation into structure of diamond. At the same time in systems of preservation in result of shock compression it is possible to receive total a few percents of a diamond material, reason - action of high residual temperature.

In 1990 a method of dynamics - static compression (DSC) was developed, in which on a wave of a dynamic unloading static pressure at the expense of convertible phase transition joins. The static compression in a strong steel ampoule of preservation reaches 1,5-2 GPa, lasts tens of seconds and completely excludes an annealing of diamond. In result DSC a strong monolithic sample of the given form turns out. The received samples because of a short-time of action of dynamic pressure have high concentration of defects, dislocations, frequently contain microcracks. The increase of the charge with the purpose of increase of duration cannot solve a problem. For struggle with them there are not enough means, and new physical decisions, directed on increase to duration of process of a load, are necessary essentially.

In the present project the increase duration of the dynamic pressure is supposed to reach by application magnetic compression, and also at the expense of use Z-pinch configuration for compression of the graphite.

It is offered to develop systems, allowing to carry out consecutive Magnetic -Shock- Static and Z-pinch-dynamics-static compression with preservation of a monolithic product. Each stage of a load should be carried out in strictly controllable conditions, with exact measurement of temporary dynamics change of the pressure and the temperature in a pressing sample. Numerical experiments on the basis of physical experience will allow choosing optimum designs and modes of operations, then working installations will be mounted.

It is supposed to receive monolithic samples of a cubic nitrid and diamond with density more than 3,3 g/sмЗ, hardness 8 GPa and heat-conduction not more than on the order distinguished from the characteristics copper. The level of defects and dislocations received samples should be comparable to a level of crystalline samples received by a static method.


1) Prof. R.A.Prummer: Fraunhofer Institut Kurzzeitdynamik, Ernst-Mach-lnstitut (EMI) Eckerstrasse 4, D-79104, FRG; tel.: 49-761-2714-374, fax: 49-761-2714-373, e-mail:
2) Prof. T.Mashimo: Faculty of Engineering, Kumamoto University, Kumamoto 860-8555. Japan; tel.: 096-342-3746, fax: 096-342-3729, e-mail:
3) Prof. S.J.Bull: Department of Materials, University of Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne NE 1 7RU, UK; tel.: 44 -191-222-7913, fax: 44-191-222-8563, e-mail:
4) Prof. M.A.Meyers: Department of Applied Mechanics and Engineering Sciences, University of California at San Diego, La Jolla, CA 92093, USA tel.: 1-619-534-4719, fax: 1-619-534-7078, e-mail:


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