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Regulatory Documents for Radwaste Storage


Development and Improvement of Regulations for Reliable Isolation of Radwaste Storage and its Final Disposal in Geological Formations

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  • ENV-RWT/Radioactive Waste Treatment/Environment

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Senior Project Manager
Novozhilov V V

Leading Institute
VNIPI Promtechnology, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • Gosatomnadzor / Scientific and Engineering Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety, Russia, Moscow


  • CEA / IPSN (Institut de Protection et Sûreté Nucléaire), France, Fontenay aux Roses\nRadiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Finland, Helsinki

Project summary

Main goal of activities on the Project consists in systematic analysis providing for safe management of radwastes while preparing them for temporary or constant storage and disposal, scientific and methodical substantion of development of basic principles, criteria and requirements for provision of ecological, sanitary-epidemiological, nuclear and radiation safety while conditioning radwaste for temporary storage and constant disposal.

In previous years due to different circumstances in the former USSR development of norm-regulating basis took place mainly at the account of regulatin of safety activities connected with production process, and to less degree it concerned closing stages of nuclear fuel cycle and other branches of production.

As a result of deterioration of ecological situation conditioned mainly by accummulation of significant volumes of radwaste a number of new Federal Laws came into force in Russia. They concern spheres of theenvironment protection, radiation safety, sanitary-epidemiological safety of population, utilization of atomic energy etc.

This circumstance requires purposeful development of norm-regulating documents in the sphere of radwaste management, its reliable isolation oriented for its practical utilization in atomic and other branches of industry and substantiating safety of execution of activities by a wide range of population.Execution of operations is planned on the basis of deep and comprehensive analysis of scientific investigations in the sphere carried out in Russia and abroad execution of modeling process for confirmation of main recommendations on safety criteria, goal for development in Russia of grounted proposal on norm-regulating documents in this direction.

For a planned period activities are supposed to be concentrated in the following directions:

A (first direction): Investigation and analysis in the sphere of safety provision while managing radwaste.

Those activities must result in scientifically substantianed unique system and of documents, its hierarchical levels and requirements on different directions of radwaste management, determine general positions for safety provision, safety principles and criteria while managing radwaste.

B (second direction): Investigation and analysis of conditions for safe activities execution of activities on radwaste conditioning for long-term storage and disposal.

The results of activities consist in the requirement on provision for quality of radwaste conditioning and managing, rules for safety provision while managing radwaste at the objects of its accumulation and conditioning.

C (third direction): Investigation and analysis of conditions, providing for safe long-term storage and constant disposal of radwaste.

In this direction based on scientific systematic analysis it is supposed to substantiate basic safety principles while disposing of radwaste underground, parameters to activities technologies and designs during subsurface and underground disposal of radwaste.

For execution of operations it is planned to engage qualified specialists possessing the experience of work in given sphere.

Practical results of activities on the proposed Project will consist of materials, on systematic analysis of safe conditions for radwaste management on the stages of its preparing for temporary storage and disposal, scientific substantiation and recommendations on elaboration basic of principles, criteria and requirements to safety provision while managing radwaste.


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