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X-ray TV Monitor


Development of X-ray TV System in Complex with Radiation Monitor for Providing Physical Protection of Fission Materials.

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  • INS-DET/Detection Devices/Instrumentation

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All-Russian Research Institute of Automatics, Russia, Moscow

Project summary

The problem of preventing the unauthorized movement of nuclear materials through controlled access points of nuclear facilities, frontier and custom posts is one of problems of creating the nuclear material protection, control and accounting system.

At present, the Russian controlled access points have no sufficient technical equipment to attack this problem.

The unauthorized movement of nuclear materials may be appreciably put stopping by the possibility to view personnel's things on controlled access points of nuclear facility perimeters and the frontier of the Russian Federation.

Using X-Ray TV facilities is a traditional technique of personnel's thing control, including possible hidden places (double sides, walls, etc.). This technique allows to detect things such as the both proper nuclear materials and shielding containers which may be used by criminals for decreasing a nuclear material radiation level and for the radiation safety of nuclear material movement.

For improving a nuclear material selection from other heavy things (for example, from ceramics, bronze, etc. ) it is supposed to increase, in comparison with known customs clearance X-Ray TV facilities, the range of peak energies used for X-Raying (up to 250 - 300 keV) and to add to X-Ray TV facilities with a radiation monitor, allowing to detect the small amounts of nuclear materials carried out without shielding containers.

Such suggested collecting two independent control facilities (X-Ray TV facility and radiation monitor) allows to cover one from possible channels of nuclear materials leakage in all mass and energy range of practical importance.

An X-Ray TV facility with a wide range of controlling peak energies of X-Raying (for example, from 100 to 300 keV) may be naturally used also for a solution of traditional problems of customs and police clearance: putting a stop of an unauthorized movement (export or import) of weapon, explosive facilities, spirit, opiate, etc.

The development of the relatively simple and cheap X-Ray facility and radiation monitor complex allows to solve a problem of equipment with them not only of frontier and customs controlled access points, but also of all external and internal ones of MinAtom's and other branch's (MinOborona's, MinNayka's, etc.) enterprises using nuclear materials.

In the process of the project implementation, it is supposed to carry out a complex of the analytical, design and experimental works:

- the analysis of existing control techniques of personnel's things for detecting nuclear materials;

- the technique development of the safe X-Ray TV control with radiation monitoring;

- the development of basic unit specifications of X-Ray TV facility and radiation monitor;

- the creation of the X-Ray facility with the required specifications;

- the creation of the X-Ray TV system for obtaining the roentgenograms in a wide range of X-Raying energies;

- the creation of the radiation monitor with required sensibility which is compatible with a X-Ray facility;

- the development of the necessary software and the software technology to process and to interpret X-Ray images.

Based on the above listed works and the scientific and technical, experimental and design and technology experience of the VNIIA, it is supposed to create models of the main equipment units, to develop the design documentation and to make the experimental model, to test it in the laboratory and in the trial operation.

The scientific and technical experience exchange in the fields of creating inspection systems and of account and control of nuclear materials is supposed to be possible and expedient.

We expect to receive the following results during our work on the project:

- the control technique of personnel's things;

- the experimental model of the above-mentioned system:

- the final report on the project work containing the results of the experimental model tests, of its trial operation and also the proposals on further using the results of the project work and scientific and engineering experience obtained during this work.

The suggested project implementation allows to prevent the unauthorized movement of nuclear materials out of the nuclear facilities and through the frontier of the Russian Federation. The modern achievements in the field of the development of the X-Ray equipment, the X-Ray TV facilities and the radiation monitors are supposed to use in this hardware.

The project is of great importance because it gives the possibility of civil alternative conversion of scientists and engineers engaged in developing rocket and nuclear technologies.

At present a number of research and development of X-Ray equipment, X-Ray TV facilities and facilities for detecting nuclear material radiation is carried out in VNIIA; this allows to begin an implementation of this suggested project.


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