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DNA-technologies in legal safety


Application of DNA-technologies in legal safety

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  • BIO-CGM/Cytology, Genetics and Molecular Biology/Biotechnology
  • MED-DID/Diagnostics & Devices/Medicine

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Leading Institute
Kyrgyz-Russian Slavonic University, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek

Supporting institutes

  • Genetic company DNA-Technology-Manas, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek


  • LTD Medical Genomics, UK, London

Project summary

The aim of the project
Development of scientific researches with the application of DNA-technologies in the sphere of criminology, judicial medicine, criminal and criminal-processional law, on the basis of specific ethnical genes of the Kyrgyz and other nationalities in order to establish new methodical approaches for DNA-identification in the operative-casual activities of the personnel of the power structures.
Current situation in the area of the research
At the moment we have a database of genetic profiles of inpiduals of the Kyrgyz nationality, which is a main aspect and a starting point for adoption of the genetic identification in forensic and for the conducting of genetic researchers in various fields of the forensic and judicial medicine.
Organizations-participants prepared all aspects of this project:
- Investments (the support by foreign colleagues app. 2 mln. $)
- Scientific- the personnel of the organizations-participants has gone through all necessary qualifications on the newest genetic technologies and elaborated the program of introduction and adaptation of new DNA- identification methodology for scientific researches as well in the criminology, as in the medicine, as in other fields.
- Legislative - the analysis was conducted of the legislation of foreign countries using DNA identification, and prepared the amendments to the NLA and the new legislation on the creation of NFD of DNA.
- Educational- the methodical books, the instructive courses, the plans of seminars on DNA-forensic were developed.
The Impact of the proposed project on the progress in this area
In case of successful completion of the planned project it will be:
1. The scientific – practical base of the DNA-criminology in Kyrgyz Republic will be created
2. The scientific approaches of the DNA-expertise practical application in the operative-casual activities will be implemented in the work of the personnel of the power structures.
3. The precedent that proves the necessity of the DNA-base on the criminals for the improvement of illegal situation in KR and reduction of terrorism on the interregional level will be formed.
Competence of the participants in the project in this area.
The Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University’s staff has corresponding theoretical knowledge in the DNA-criminology sphere, and the employees of the genetic company involved in the project have appropriate qualifications and high professional skills, as evidenced by the existing publications and presentations at international conferences. The involved organization have the developments and repeatedly testing methodic in DNA forensics. For example, as implementation of genetic expertise in civil and criminal cases in common the British company, the performance of the organization’ specialists as scientists on the international conferences, as experts - in the courts, as professionals - in television shows and programs.
Expected results and their application
- The Scientific-practical base (master, doctoral, senior theses) at the juncture of the newest DNA-technologies and criminology, judicial medicine, the criminal and criminal-processional law will be formed,
- The educational course on the DNA-criminology in the judicial medicine department, the criminal and criminal-processional law will be introduced,
- The National Program against criminality and terrorism will be implemented,
- The range of laws and law acts based on the application of the newest methodology –DNA-identification- will be used in the crime investigations,
- New regime of the job the personnel of the investigatory law enforcement agencies and high level of the crimes disclosure will be initiated.
Compliance of the project to the ISTC’s objective
So the professionals in the latest DNA technology are engaged in the project and the professors with high qualification and big experience in the teaching and the project itself has only peaceful purpose, which means it complies with the ISTC’s objectives. Also, the purpose of the project is going to be achieved through the planned involvement of weapon scientists from the organizations who participate i n the world scientific community by providing information about the project at the international conferences and seminars.
Data about the volume of work.
The next major works will be carried out within the framework of this project:
Carrying out the activities to launch the National Program for the adoption of the DNA databases in Kyrgyz Republic;
The realization of the joint scientific-research projects with the application of newest DNA-technologies and the use of specific genetic markers of different ethnicities in the criminology, judicial medicine, criminal and criminal -processional laws
Creation of a database of DNA, including NFD DNA and DNA-datebase of ethnic groups (citizens of different ethnic backgrounds);
Carrying out the activities for the adoption of new legislation on NFD DNA;
Implementation of training programs on DNA forensics into the educational programs of KRSU and workshops on DNA forensics among operative-investigatory power structures
Publication of the DNA- criminology educational textbook.
The role of foreign collaborators
The employees of the research group of Dr. A. Semihodskii from the UK (the company "Medical Genomics," which in this project not only as academic experts, but also as co-investors.) have expressed a desire to be collaborators of the project. Dr. A. Semihodskii and his staff are engaged in conducting DNA examinations both in theory and in application levels in the UK. According to the letter by Dr A. Semihodskii, their group is ready to share information with us to a possible field test a number of theoretical developments and the introduction of new genetic methodologies as applicable to the real conditions in our country.
Technical approach and methodology
Main innovation in the realization of work in the creation of the DNA-base is the application of the newest scientific methods- DNA-expertise- as in the scientific researches, as in the formation of the DNA-base on criminals in the state. All estimations of the genetic researches are going to be estimated with regards to the international genetic standards of the statistical processing and database of specific genetic markers of Kyrgyz genotype and other nationalities. In order to receive reliable indexes of the criminality level we are going to use new scientific and investigation methodologies, newest method of determination of the correlation between the percentage of the genotiscopy* use and the criminality level, the percentage of the crimes’ disclosures.


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