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Application of the Diamagnetic Reflectors to the Magnetic Emitter


Improvement of the Magnetic Field Emission Parameters Using Diamagnetic Reflectors

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  • INS-DET/Detection Devices/Instrumentation
  • OBS-GEO/Geology/Other Basic Sciences
  • PHY-PFA/Particles, Fields and Accelerator Physics/Physics

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Leading Institute
Georgian Technical University, Georgia, Tbilisi


  • Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA, New York

Project summary

The goal of the Project is elaboration of the magnetic field emitter, which may be used in geo-radars, metal-detectors etc., being the powerful weapon in different anti-terrorism activities, in securing, in distant revealing the dangerous substances and, especially, metal subjects.
Current situation within the scope of investigations: Application of deep probing antennas in existing metal-detectors amounts the detection depth of 5-10 m, while the resolution depth is about 30 cm.
Influence of the suggested Project on the progress in given area: The suggested reflector will make possible to increase the radiation distance approximately 1.5 times at the given power. The distance between the emitter and the receiver may be decreased approximately 5 times, that will 7-10 times increase the resolution depth and operating distance.
Competencies of participants of the Project in given area:
The manager of the Project is Makharashvili Mikheili. He is highly experienced in design and programming, Earlier he had participated in STCU grant Project.
PhD in Engineering Mushkudiani Giorgi – he is veritable scientist-investigator. He possesses the exact scientific scent, he is highly motivated and single-minded person, revealing the highest level of responsibility. He is distinguished by sharp thinking and analytical skills. Together with PhD in Physics/Mathematics Chikhladze Guram, Mr. Mushkudiani will carry out optimization of physical and electric parameters of the magnetic emitter (radar).
Professor Okrosashvili Mikheil is the specialist of highest level in material sciences and electon-ray technologies. He had earned and successfully executed the number of international projects.
For many years PhD Khvichia Emzar had worked in Sokhumi Technical Institute as a Scientific Employee. He is distinguished by the deep knowledge of theoretical physics.
Professor Gigineishvili Akaky is highly experienced specialist in Physics of Solid Bodies. He had successfully managed and executed the number of International Projects.
The scientific consultant of the Project will be Professor Shengelaya Alexander. His scientific interests and the scope of investigations occupy: high-temperature superconductivity, magnetism in low-dimensional systems, coexistence of magnetism and superconductivity, nano-scale magnetism and superconductivity.
Expected outcomes and their application: Project refers to applied research. Application of new type emitter in security devices will make possible to reduce the forcible entry of dangerous subjects in such public assemblage places as are airports, stadiums etc.
With much higher exactness may be investigated and revealed the objects, mired into the soil or the bottom ground.
Accordance of the Project to the goals of ISTC: As to the participants of the Projects are the specialists, possessing the knowledge in the scope of massive elimination weapons, and the Project itself holds absolutely peacekeeping tendencies, it is in complete accordance with the goals of ISTC.
Scope of works: In order to fulfill the goals of investigations, suppose the necessity of activities in three main directions:
    Ø Design/elaboration superconductor and cryogen items;
    Ø Application of piro-carbon in elaboration and laboratory testing of the emitter:
    Ø Creation and testing of the construction of acting sample.
Roles of foreign collaborators: The collaborator will provide scientific consultations, will support in establishment of contacts and interactions with as American, as of other countries businessmen and leading companies, operating in given area.
Technical approach and methodology: In proposed investigations application of the diamagnetic reflector is purely the innovative approach. The diamagnetic, operating at the room temperature and the superconductor, operating at the temperature of liquid nitrogen, will be applied. In second case reception of much higher technical parameters is expected.


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