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Immobilization of special radioactive liquids


Development of the Technology for Concentrating and Cure of Spent Radioactive LCL

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  • ENV-RWT/Radioactive Waste Treatment/Environment

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VNIITF, Russia, Chelyabinsk reg., Snezhinsk


  • NUKEM Nuclear GmbH / RWE NUKEM GmbH, Germany, Alzenau\nUniversity of Oklahoma / Institute for Science and Public Policy, USA, OK, Norman

Project summary

The purpose of the proposed project is a development of concentrating and curing technology of spent radioactive - polluted lubricating-cooling liquids (LCL).

The problem of radioactive wastes (RAW) immobilization causes a great interest in scientific circles in Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries. One of the most actual problem is a cure of spent radioactive polluted LCL. At present, methods that are effective and economic enough to immobilize spent radioactive LCL formed while in production, decommissioning equipment, as well assemblies of the atomic industry are not developed.

It is necessary to contain applied in the atomic industry LCL and washing solutions including after use in the production toxic and ionizing sources of raw material in capacities - storehouses that increases a cost of the production and does not exclude a possibility of migration or dispersion of radionuclides and living things into the environment.

Available classical methods for processing of radioactive waste (RAW) in view of specificity of the indicated RAW are not able surely, effectively, economically and safely to immobilize organic radioactive - polluted compounds with a high concentration in an initial solution.

At present development of untraditional methods of immobilization is a priority direction in the field of handling with accumulated in a large volume medium- and low-active RAW, in particular spent LCL.

The suggested project will allow developing a technology to concentrate and immobilize liquid emulsion-containing radioactive lubricating -cooling solutions.

The foundation of the suggested technology is the principle of effect of selective compound of chemical materials, causing maximum concentrating of polluting agents in water solutions of LCL and further cure of the obtained concentrate.

The proposed action on LCL forms conventionally pure water, applicable to waste water rate into natural reservoirs, and also cured product, having hypothetical volume less than 20 % from an initial volume of LCL. In this connection it is expedient to use the VNIITF owned patent №2085510 and a application for patent N20073642 and on their basis to develop the technology of immobilization of spent LCL.

In accordance with the ISTC goals and objectives the project represents a possibility to experts from Russia, basic part of them has knowledge and experience, engaged in the development of nuclear weapon to reorient creative potentialities in the field of civil researches in order to solve one of the actual problems – cure of medium- and low-active RAW, containing living things and radioactive nuclides in the compound.

The primary goals of investigations and works:

1. Determination of optimum conditions for processing of spent radioactive LCL.

2. Development of a model of processes limiting effectiveness of LCL processing, optimization to determine the most effective methods of technological process of LCL processing.

3. Development and mastering of techniques to research effectiveness of LCL processing technology.

4. Manufacture of a laboratory prototype of an installation for concentrating and curing spent LCL.

5. Conducting the complex of investigations of work efficiency of the laboratory installation, determination of the most effective procedures to carry out LCL processing.

6. Investigation of the lixiviation rate of radionuclides from a formed monolith.

7. Mathematical simulation of the pilot installation for LCL cure on the basis of obtained experimental data.
As a result of works accomplished on the project, a rendering harmless technology of spent LCL will be developed and a model of passing processes limiting effectiveness of concentrating and curing of investigated solutions will be experimentally checked.

Basic scope of works under the project is experimental investigations on the basis of existing and again created techniques. Also significant part of efforts will be spent to conduct theoretic-mathematical researches.

Works on the project will immediately have an influence on an integration of Russian experts toward common world researches concerning problems of safe handling with industrial wastes of radioactive nuclides.


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