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Oxygen-Iodine Laser


A Mobile Complex Based on the 7-9 kW Oxygen-Iodine Laser.

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  • MAN-MCH/Machinery and Tools/Manufacturing Technology

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Leading Institute
VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov

Supporting institutes

  • Lebedev Physical Institute, Samara Branch, Russia, Samara reg., Samara

Project summary

Aim of Project: The aim of Project is to develop and fabricate the prototype model of the chemical oxygen-iodine laser (COIL) with an output power of 7-9 kW, perform design works in the scope of a draft Project.

Execution of the proposed Project will make the basis for the development of a competing and unique equipment in world practice intended for realization of highly efficient laser technology in field conditions.

The main areas of application of the complex under development:

- mounting, building and repair works on a unique, technological equipment including equipment of atomic and thermal power station;
- execution of works in liquidation of accidents toxic agents and explosives where application of conventional means is either dangerous, inexpedient or technically impossible;
- fast cutting of equipment and metalwork to be used as scrap-iron;
- repair and construction works in transport.

Execution of works on Project will allow to convert the activity of weapon teams and promote their passage to the market economy of civil purpose.

Technical approaches and methodology. In development of the mobile laser complex there will be applied the technical approaches and methodology of military equipment:

- multivariate design work on the main systems and parts;
- experimental verification of the applied technical decisions on model prototypes and stands;
- theoretical and engineering calculations to validate and select the complex construction;
- application of technological decisions, materials, equipment, and the available facilities which are used in the development of military equipment;
- patent, engineering and information researches.

At RFNC-VNIIEF and at SB PI RAS there have been created experimental setups for investigation of physical and chemical processes proceeding in the COIL allowing,both to perform investigations of the basic laser physics questions and solve applied tasks on development of industrial chemical oxygen-iodine lasers. In the process of work on Project we plan to conduct the necessary research and development works, fabricate test the model prototype of the oxygen-iodine laser.

Anticipated results. As a result of realization of the present Project there will be performed research works, created a full-scale prototype model of the mobile complex on the basis of 7-9 kW COIL, experimentally confirmed design characteristics, developed, design and technical documentation in the scope of a draft Project. Further advancement of this Project will allow to develop and obtain recommendations on the peculiarities of using the laser complex in field conditions.

Realization of the proposed Project will make the basis for development of the production model of the laser complex with the following characteristics:

1. wavelength of laser radiation 1.315 mm

2. laser radiation power 7-9 kW

3. chemical agents consumption

(for generation of radiation during one hour) 250 kg

4. mass of complex (without chassis) 2-3 tons

Scope of activities on Project will reach 1732 per/months.

Scientific importance of Project. The results of experimental investigations can be used in development of the industrial lasers and laser technologies. In the course of work on Project there will be developed and tested all the vital components of the COIL-based mobile laser complex. In the reports, articles, design documentation, and in possible patents there will be given a detailed description of all the experiments conducted their system analysis, and a full

description of the COIL-based mobile complex as well.

Commercial importance of Project. Potential users of mobile laser complexes are institutions (companies) engaged in repair reconstruction, and utilization of a complex technological equipment for scrap-iron. These complexes are intended for special teams liquidation of aftereffects of engaged in accidents, catastrophes and persions.

The obtained package of technical documentation, allowing to develop and produce mobile laser complexes, can become an object of commerce.

Information about the anticipated collaborator. During the preparatory stage we had talks with the following specialists who showed their interest in the support and realization of the Project:

Dr. Willy LBohn, Federal Republic of Germany, Institute fur Techniclie Physik,
address: Deutsche Forchungsanstalt fur Luft und Raumfahrt DLR, Institute fur Techmche Physik Pfaffeenwaldrmg 38-40, 70569 Stuttgart FRG, fon: ++49-711-6862.772,fax: ++49-711-6862.788
Dr. Hiroo Fujii, Japan, Opto Engineering Laboratory Akaslii Teclmical Institute,
address: 1-1 Higashikawasaki-cho 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-91 Japan,
fon:(078) 682-5032, fax:(078)682-5509, telex: 5623-931 KHIKOB J


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