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Oil and Gas Potential of Georgia


Assessment of Oil and Gas Potential of Georgia

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  • OBS-NAT/Natural Resources and Earth Sciences/Other Basic Sciences

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Georgian Mining-Geological Association, Georgia, Tbilisi


  • University of Cambridge / Cambridge Arctic Shelf Programme, UK, Cambridge\nFirst Exchange Corporation, USA, TX, Houston\nAnadarko Petrolium Corporation, USA, TX, Houston

Project summary

The socio-economic conditions observed in Georgia during the recent past have been substantially governed by the scarcity of the republic’s own energy resources, especially oil and gas. Therefore, it is extremely important to strengthen (and in a number of prospective areas to renew) research-prospecting work adopting modern scientific, technical, economical and organizational methods, with the purpose of discovering new hydrocarbon accumulations and expanding the republic’s source of raw materials. For this purpose it is necessary to scientifically determine from first principles a rigorous methodology to evaluate the strategic and tactical aspects of an assessment of further prospects of oil and gas bearing of this region. This is the main purpose of the proposed project.

The region of investigation will cover both the continental part of Georgia as well as the adjoining Black Sea shelf, with the harnessing of oil and gas deposits on the continental shelf being one of the major tasks of any state possessing prospective oil and gas fields in territorial waters.

The secondary purpose of the project is to compose an Atlas of Oil and Gas Bearing and Prospective Structures of Georgia. The atlas will be the first of its kind compiled utilizing geographic information system (Arc View GIS) technology and will incorporate recent advances in the fields of geology, geophysics and geochemistry. Both A3 format graphic and electronic version of the atlas will be prepared.

In the project all due attention will be given to environmental protection. Therefore, the preliminary environmental assessment of identified prospective oil and gas territories will be undertaken in order to ensure future safe exploration of the forecasted deposits (with the rational use of soil and water resources, and the preservation of air and water quality during drilling, extraction, processing and transportation).

The novelty of the project is that it is for the first time in Georgia, methodical and complex investigations will be undertaken that include both ground geological-geophysical and geochemical, as well as airborne space-geological research considerably facilitating research into the study of the natural resources of the region.

The project will involve leading scientists and experts of the Geological Department of Georgian Technical University, the State Agency for Regulation of Oil and Gas Resources of Georgia, the Institutes of Geology and Geophysics of the Georgian Academy of Sciences and the national oil company "Georgian Oil”, that have published more than 60 scientific works during recent years connected with the project subject. Scientists and experts that carried out the military orders of the Ministry of Defense of the former USSR and “Spec geo” of the USSR in the past will participate in the project. The support of the project will allow the scientific potential of these scientists to be directed towards peaceful purposes and will promote the integration of these scientists into the international scientific community.

The results of the project’s scientific investigations will allow an accurate picture of the geological-tectonic structure of Georgia to be gained, will promote an increase in the reliability of the forecasts of its oil and gas potential and will essentially expand the raw material base of the republic.

The project is attributed to the category of applied research. Results obtained during the development of the project are planned to be transferred to interested oil companies, which already have repeatedly showed an interest in similar sorts to investigations.

The purposes and tasks of the project completely meet the national interests of Georgia, as well as those foreign countries showing an interest in the problem of revealing oil and gas prospects in the region.

The role of foreign collaborators includes the interchange of information, the testing of results received during the realization of the project, comments on the methodology of research and the practical use of their results, and the participation in joint symposiums and working seminars.


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