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Biological Means for the Optimization of the Plants Nutrient and the Protection


Development of the Highly Effective Biological Means for the Optimization of the Nutrition and the Protection of Plants

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  • BIO-MIB/Microbiology/Biotechnology
  • AGR-PPR/Plant Protection/Agriculture
  • BIO-IND/Industrial Biotechnology/Biotechnology

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Senior Project Manager
Visser H

Leading Institute
National Academy of Sciences of Kyrgyzstan / Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek

Supporting institutes

  • JSC Biochimmash, Russia, Moscow


  • Washington State University, USA, WA, Pullman\nUniversity of Saskatchewan, Canada, SK, Saskatoon

Project summary

The development of technologies of obtaining and use of highly effective and ecologically safe biological preparations intended for nutrition optimization, plants growth and protection stimulation, and also biofertilizers for rehabilitation and activation of soil microbial cenosis and its enrichment by nutrient substances is one of priority directions of modern biotechnology. The use of such preparations and fertilizers in agricultural industry ensures crop capacity increase, the acceleration of ripening and improvement of growing production quality, the plants resistance increase to action of extreme climatic factors, firmness to plants drought and frost, increase of their immunocorrection. The main problems in creation and use of such preparations and fertilizers are concluded in conducting of selection of stable and technological native microorganisms strains and their adaptation to stress conditions, in establishing of peculiarities of their introduction into soil microflora medium, in definition of conditions of mutual adaptation of introduced microorganisms and aborigines. It is also necessary to study chemical composition of microorganisms metabolites, to elucidate the mechanisms of biopreparations influence on biochemical and physiological processes in soils.

On microbial activity in soils the significant influence is rendered by humic substances, which make up the main part of soil organic substances and also of organic fertilizers. The special meaning is attached to humic substances (HS) influence on rizospheric processes. HS stimulate development and activity of autotrophic nitrificated bacteria, protect soil from impurity by pathogenic microorganisms. The correlation between HS content in soil and mickorizal infection is established.

The different mechanisms of HS stimulating and antimicrobial effect, which include intensification of microbial membrane penetration, influence on activity of intracellular and out-of cellular enzymes, blocking of active centers on virus surface, intended for initiation of infection process in host cell. But these questions are studied insufficiently and demand serious investigations.

The purpose of this Project is elaboration of technologies of obtaining and use in plant-growing of new highly effective bacterial preparations of stimulating and protecting actions and also biofertilizers, intended for rehabilitation and activation of microbial soils cenosis.

For Project realization it is necessary to solve following main tasks:

- to carry out selection of stable microorganisms strains with high biological activity, tolerantness to indignations and adaptation to stresses;
- to elaborate technology of obtaining of new biopreparations of protecting and stimulating action on the base of chosen microorganisms strains;
- to define conditions of adaptation and homeostasis of soil microorganisms (aborigines) to introduced bacterial preparations and biofertilizers;
- to obtain plants growth stimulators and biofertilizers for microbial flora activation and soil enrichment by nutrient substances;
- to obtain bioprotectors from waste of plant products working;
- to establish mechanisms of effect of humic compounds of soil organic matter and biosolubilizated products on microbial activity;
- to evaluate the influence of bacterial preparations and biofertilizers on herb plants enrichment by purpose products.

During the process of elaboration of Project applied aspects scientific investigations, which will allow to formulate theoretical ideas about processes of created bacterial preparations introduction into soil microflora, mutual adaptation of aborigines and introducers, and also about mechanisms of soil humic compounds and biofertilizers effect on microbial activity will be carried out.

Practical use of created preparations and fertilizers will had as consequence:

- decrease of mineral fertilizers and pesticides consumption, creating ecological danger;
- rehabilitation and activation of soil biocenosis, soil enrichment by nutrient substances;
- increase of plant-growing effectiveness and increase of manufacture of ecologically pure production.


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