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Monitoring and Control Systems of Nuclear Power Plants


The Database about Equipment Maintenance of Monitoring and Control Systems of Active Units of Nuclear Power Plants with WWER-440, WWER-1000, RBMK-1000 Reactors

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  • INF-DAT/Data Storage and Peripherals/Information and Communications

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Leading Institute
NIIIT (Pulse Techniques), Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • All-Russian Research Institute for Nuclear Power Plant Operation, Russia, Moscow


  • International Procurement Service AG, Belgium, Brussels\nGesellschaft für Anlagen und Reaktorsicherheit mbH, Germany, Köln

Project summary

The monitoring and control systems of nuclear power plants (NPP MCS) are safety-related systems, that’s why reliability of the equipment of these systems defines safety of NPP operation in many respects.

At the present stage of NPP units operation, a major scientific and technical problem is to provide reliable work and safety functions of the MCS equipment, which can be solved by gathering, systematization and analysis of data information about MCS equipment defects, damages, faults and failures during NPP operation, about its reconstruction and modernization, about its maintenance service and repairs, about its status changes during operation, about changes of units power under MCS equipment faults and failures, otherwise by knowing the data information about a history of MCS equipment operation.

As the international experience shows, collection of complete and reliable information which is mentioned above, is possible by realization of a database about a history of operation of the NPP MCS equipment.

The purpose of the present project is the development reliability and functional safety database about equipment maintenance of monitoring and control systems of NPP active units with WWER-1000, WWER-440 and RBMK-1000 reactors by using modern computer technologies for gathering, processing, storage and exchange information, analysis of the direct and root causes of MCS equipment faults and failures and development of corrective actions.

Database of NPP MCS will include: ·

the catalogues and classifiers of:


- NPP units projects ;

- functional groups, NPP MCS subsystems;

- MCS equipment and its components;

- characteristics of the NPP MCS equipment ;

- types of the equipment faults and failures;

- root and direct causes of occurences;

- corrective MCS equipment actions.

- the information about defects, damages, faults and failures of the NPP MCS equipment which are the input data of the database.

The output data of the NPP MCS Database are the faults and failures statistics by various criteria of sample.

The operation with NPP MCS Database can be realized in the following modes:

- input of the new information;

- editing (updating of the data);

- output of the information on monitor or(and) printer.

The sample of the information can be provided for: ·

- equipment of concrete system, plant, NPP unit, NPP;

- type of the equipment; ·

- models of the equipment; ·

- sample of the equipment; ·

- element of the equipment, including keywords.

During fulfillment of the project NPP MCS Database will be developed:

- Database structure ; ·

- the Database specification, ·

- the software of formation and management of Database; ·

- the applied Database software; ·

- the NPP MCS equipment catalogues; ·

- classifiers of the NPP MCS equipment on the basis of the various characteristics; ·

- classifiers of defects, damages, faults and failures of the NPP MCS equipment;

- other classifiers necessary for Database functioning ; ·

- the operational documentation;

- requirements to the user interface; ·

- requirements to protection of the information.

For development of the software to the purpose of formation both management of a database and applied Database software of NPP MCS equipment will be use license software MS Visual Basic for Windows, MS Access for Windows, Oracle for Windows NT with using case-methods.

NPP MCS Database will be installed at Atomic Energy Ministry branch centre “ Centre for operation experience analysis of Nuclear Power plants” (CAE AES VNIIAES) for obtaining of generalized data about reliability and functional safety of the NPP MCS equipment, for analysing of direct and root reasons of its faults and failures and for development of corrective MCS actions after establishing of the project, on Kola NPP (WWER-440), Balakovo NPP (WWER-1000), Kursk NPP (RBMK-1000).

For information transfer from NPP to the Centre can be used:

-channels of information transfer system of Crisis centre of concern "Rosenergoatom"; ·

- telephone channels;

- telephone channels of the public telephone network;

- the dedicated Internet channel.

The results of the present project can be used at the NPP of the "Soviet" design in Czech, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Ukraine.


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