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New Bioinsecticide


Development of the Technology for Production of New Bioinsecticide and Aerosol Equipment for its Effective Utilization

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  • AGR-PPR/Plant Protection/Agriculture

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Senior Project Manager
Evstyukhin K N

Leading Institute
Institute of Highly Pure Biopreparations, Russia, St Petersburg

Supporting institutes

  • State Scientific Center of Genetics and Selection of Industrial Microorganisms (GosNIIGenetica), Russia, Moscow


  • Dow Chemical Company, USA, MI, Midland\nVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA, VA, Blacksburg

Project summary

The aim of the present project is the complex working through of the universal technology of receiving of biological means of plants' protection (MPP), including the all main elements of creation and application of bioinsecticidal preparations, including creation of bacterial strains, optimization of fermentation conditions of strains-producers; creation of high-quality liquid preparative form and the few-stage economically reasonable technology of its production; designing of efficient equipment for spraying of heterogenic systems, conduction of biological trials and formation recommendations and the optimal schemes of application of developed preparations and equipment.

The universality of the technology is determined by the following circumstances:

- principles of cultivation of the strains-producers of insecticides with consideration of physiology-biochemical features of Bacillus muringiensis strains are similar;
- principles of concentration of the targeted product and production of preparative forms are similar;
- principles of application of insecticide preparative forms at field conditions are similar.

It is supposed to develop, at the example of one preparation, the technology of receiving of biological insecticide of the new generation and the method of its application with possible further use as a producer of strains with another insecticidal activity.

The objective reasons, making it difficult the introduction of bioinsecticides in practice, are not enough efficient preparative forms and the absence of reliable equipment, allowing to carry out the plants' treatment with a small consumption of a preparation. These circumstances and also the rather complete technology of biopreparations production are the cause of their high cost, compared with chemical means. Thus, creation of bioinsecticides with hightened quality, more perfect economic technologies of their production and the technical means of application when treating plants are the actual tasks. Their solving will contribute to reduction of the amount of chemical means, utilizing at present time, improvement of economical situation, decrease of antropogenic influence. The project realization will ensure the following results to be obtained:

- bacterial strain, possessing the heightened bioinsecticidal properties, will be produced;
- mode for industrial cultivation of bacteria with using of cheap, non-edible components of nutrient media will be worked out;
- liquid and paste preparative forms, providing the prolonged safety of the preparation, good suspending ability and high dispersivity, when preparing the aqueous working mixture, the large degree of interaction with treated surface, will be worked out on the basis of the obtained strain;
- few - stage technologies for production of liquid and paste preparative forms on the basis of the obtained strain, not requiring utilization of expensive equipment and high power imputes will be work out;
- an equipment model, providing with high reliability the ultralow-volume bioinsecticide spraying will be worked out and manufactured;
- trials of the preparation and the aerosol equipment will be carried out and recommendations for the ways of its application will be worked out.

The modern microbiological and physico-chemical methods will be used in the process of technology creation.

The readiness to solve the mentioned above problems is determined by the results of the works on creation the microbiological preparations and equipment, carried out earlier, and by the high scientific and technical potential of the Institute.

The proposed project agrees with the ISTC's main objectives and assures:

- the possibility to the Institute's scientists and engineers who possess knowledge and skills in the field of development of protective means against biological weapons, to focus their knowledge on research directed to peaceful purposes only;
- the creation of the basis for the following scientific-production activities of the Institute in the market economy of our country, and the use of financial results of these activities in order to maintain and development the Institute's long-term fundamental and applied investigations directed to peaceful purposes only.

Potential Role of Foreign Collaborators

- participation in carrying out of the joint studies and discussing the results of works on reception of mutants and recombinant strains with extended spectrum of insecticidal action (Biology Department Virginia Tech. Blacksburg, Virginia, 24061 USA);
- estimation of quality of the experimental samples of entomopathogenic preparations possessing the heightened efficiency (Bioinsecticide Research Laboratory, Department of Applied Microbiology and Food Science, University of Saskatchewan, Saskattoon, Saskatchewan, Canada S7N);
- study of influence of microorganism cultivation conditions and duration of preparation storage on targeted properties of these preparation (Institute fur Biologishen Pflanzenschutz, Darmstadt, Germany).

Moreover, project participants invite to collaborate other scientific and commercial organization from USA, European Community countries, Japan, Norway and South Korean. We suppose the following form of collaboration: exchange of information during project implementation; mutual review of technical reports; joint seminars, workshops, meetings, consultations; joint or parallel investigations, etc.


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