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Plasma Amplifier of Open Type


Creation and Research of Physical Model of the New Plasma Amplifier for Getting of the Closed Plasma Formation of Open Type

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  • PHY-PLS/Plasma Physics/Physics

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Georgian Technical University, Georgia, Tbilisi


  • Universite Paul Sabatier / Laboratoire Plasma et Conversion d'Energie, France, Toulouse\nEcole Supérieure de Chimie de Paris, France, Paris\nUniversite de Shebrooke / Département de Génie Chimique et de Génie Biotecnologique, Canada, Quebec, Sherbrooke\nDrexel Plasma Institute, USA, PA, Philadelphia\nCNRS / Science des Procédés Céramiques et de Traitements de Surface, France, Limoges\nUniversity of Toronto / Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, Canada, ON, Toronto\nUniversity of Bologna / Dipartimento di Ingegneria delle Costruzioni Meccaniche, Nucleari, Aeronautiche e di Metallurgia, Italy, Bologna

Project summary

The aim of the project is to create a physical model of the device which will generate high-power plasma-formation for technological destination. This formation is a closed plasma contour (cord) that is unlimited by walls and in which the current passes by means of external electromotive force. I. e the aim is to create a new plasma amplifier of open-type.

The work is dedicated to development of the theory and practice of plasma processes and using the plasma for various technical and technological purposes. In this work, the researches will be carried out to ascertain new physical processes and mechanisms underlying the idea of creation and amplification of above specified plasma formation. Within the limits of this project will be created the laboratory sample of the new plasma amplifier and will be defined the areas and the technical capabilities of its application. This project stipulates development not only of one concrete technology, the purpose of this project is wider - it provides the decision of the tasks by means of which new technical and technological opportunities (unknown till now) of plasma will be opened. The new plasma amplifier can be used to melt out metal in the furnace, for realization of chemical reactions in reactors, to fuse the surfaces of building materials, to process hazardous industrial, medical and household wastes and to improve environmental conditions, to heat the buildings. An idea about creation of an artificial model of the surface of sun deserves attention too.

Plasma formations of the technologic destination in most cases are generated in electrical-arc plasma torches. However, their power is limited because of low endurance of electrodes when the values of amperage are high. For technological purposes it is inefficient to use the pulsed injectors which generate more powerful plasma formations. They are mainly used to enter the charged particles in magnetic traps. We can receive high-temperature powerful plasma-formation in the so-called «tokаmaс» i. e as a closed loop in the closed space. However, in «tokаmaс» plasma has no contact with the outside space and it can not be used for technological purposes.

Thus in this project for production of the powerful plasma formation of technological destination is proposed such way up analogue of which practically does not exist. In this project, by creation of an open-type plasma amplifier, the anticipated problems and previously unknown problems will be solved.

There are main anticipated problems below:

  • Developing the way to create a closed contour of open-type plasma formation;
  • Developing the way to introduce more energy into the closed contour of open-type plasma formation (cord).
  • Ensuring the sustainability of the amplifying process of a closed contour of open-type plasma formation, i. e. the prevention of the extinction of plasma due to the dissipation of charged particles in the open space.

In the draft the first problem will be resolved by means of the crossing with each other of long plasma streams which are flowing from the nozzles of different plasma torches of indirect action.

To solve the second problem, I. e for introduction of energy in a closed plasma contour and for its amplification a new method and a suitable device - a transformer will be elaborated. One coil of electric conductor (which is connected to an impulse source) is coiled on one coil of ferromagnetic core of transformer. The several coils of the ferromagnetic core are coiled on the closed plasma contour. Thus, the electromotive force will be induced in the closed plasma contour which will equal to emf of a coil of an electric conductor that is multiplied on number of coils of the ferromagnetic core.

The decision of the third problem in this draft is directly connected to the decision of first problem. The creation of a closed plasma contour by an independent plasma stream prevents the possible infringement of stability of plasma; I. e prevents the possibility of the disappearance of plasma. A permanent formation and the feeding of current-carrying particles (electrons and ions) in plasma cord do not allow development of interruption process of the electric circuit. By means of regulation of the electrical energy that is introduced through the magnetic field in a closed plasma contour, it is always possible to abide by the necessary balance between accumulated and dissipated energies and thereby we can strengthen the plasma formation.

Thus, in the present plasma amplifier, it is possible to introduce a theoretically unlimited energy (without contact - through a magnetic field) into the closed plasma contour which is unlimited by walls.

Herewith the current, which flows into the closed plasma contour at the expense of external electromotive force, will not pass through the electrodes of plasma torches. Plasma torches will be always protected from overload and damage.

All participants in this project are quite competent in the given topic. At various times, they have been engaged in research and development of low-temperature plasma and in adjacent area of science. Also, they have elaborated the suitable technologies. Directly by them or under the direction of them were executed the researches (research engineering); the scientific papers were published; at the level of patents scientific works were published. Participants of this project possess the U.S. patents and a license that was sold in Germany and many copyright certificates of the USSR which have been applied in industrial enterprises of former USSR. The proposed project belongs to the category of basic and applied research, as well as to development and demonstration of plasma technology and technique.

The conducted researches within the limits of this project will give new fundamental results, i.e. theoretical and practical knowledge about the creation and amplification of open-type plasma formation (not limited by solid walls). New physical processes and mechanisms underlying the idea of creation and amplification an open-type plasma formation will be educed. Completely new theoretical and experimental methods will be developed to research physical processes and parameters described above.

In the project, On the basis of theoretical and experimental studies of plasma parameters, the results of applied character will be received:

  • Technical and technological capabilities of new plasma amplifier will be ascertained;
  • Will be developed a physical (laboratory) model of open-type plasma amplifier with all the constituent parts, (new plasma torches, a special transformer, gas and water supply, control panel, etc.);
  • Design documentation of this created plasma amplifier will be developed;
  • Based the experimental and theoretical studies we will receive generalized characteristics (voltage-current, thermal, etc.) of new plasma amplifier;
  • A general and practical method will be developed to design similar amplifiers for various technological and technical purposes.

Practically in this project some technological possibilities of the new plasma amplifier will be demonstrated such as melting of the materials, heating, metal smelting, the destruction of harmful wastes (medical, industrial, etc.).

Fundamental results of the project will be used by organizations(R & D) which work at elaboration and designing of plasma devices and technologies.

The practical results of the project will be used by the design organizations and in specific areas of industry (in the metallurgy, chemical industry, mining, construction, medical industry, aerospace, etc.).

After completion of this project the fundamental and practical results will be received. They can change the practical and theoretical approaches and the corresponding technique of execution of many manufacturing operations which are listed at the beginning of this summary.

All results of the project will be an object of commercialization.

The submitted project meets ISTC goals and enables Georgian weapon scientists and specialists to redirect their capabilities on peaceful activities and to integrate them into the international scientific community.

The following scope of activities is provided for given Project:

  • Elaboration of special plasma torches with long plasma jets;
  • Elaboration of the scheme and then the practical realization of a formation principle of a closed open-type plasma contour;
  • Elaboration and creation of the special transformer - the amplifier with the coiled ferromagnetic core;
  • Elaboration of a working design (the laboratory sample) of the new plasma amplifier, including all necessary parts: plasma torches, the transformer with a coiled core, adapters, systems of gas supply, water supply and power supply, a control panel, etc.
  • Development of an experimental technique for an experimental research of plasma parameters in the closed open-type plasma contour;
  • Development of theoretical methods for researches of physical processes and the phenomena in the closed plasma formation of open-type;
  • Experimental researches of energy characteristics of an electrical conductivity of open-type plasma contour;
  • Generalization of research results using methods of the theoretical analysis and the theory of similarity;
  • Development of a general theoretical method for calculating the main gas-dynamic, thermal and electrical parameters of the plasma contour;
  • Testing of the developed design of the new plasma amplifier at performance of technological operations;
  • Preparation and processing of scientific-technical reports.

In the presented Project the role of foreign collaborators is as follows:
  • information exchange during project implementation;
  • review and commentaries to the quarterly, annual and final technical reports;
  • joint verification of results obtained during Project implementation;
  • participation in technical verification of activities carried out by ISTC personnel;
  • joint participation in International meetings and conferences;
  • carrying out of joint symposia and workshops.

An idea about creation of plasma amplifier with a closed, unlimited by walls plasma contour is new and it is reasonable that for its realization, ready approaches and methodology do not exist. They will be clarified, elaborated and finished during the execution of this project. However some general, methodological directions are as follows:
  • At elaborating and testing special, lengthy-jet plasma torch the new theoretical methods which were developed by participants of this project and also the well-known design and experimental methods of the research will be applied.
  • The favorable configuration of a plasma contour will be defined theoretically.
  • At elaboration of a special transformer the magnitude of electromotive force, which is necessary to occurrence of the current in the open plasma contour, will be theoretically defined. On the basis of theoretical calculations all mechanical part of the transformer will be developed. The results will be experimentally checked up.
  • For elaboration of the laboratory sample of the new plasma amplifier the theoretical calculation methods of separate units will be applied as well as the design works will be performed.
  • At research of power characteristics of electrical conductivity of plasma contour the experimental research methods will be applied.
  • In the project for results generalization of experiments, the methods of the mathematical analysis and theory of similarity will be used.
  • At research of physical processes and the phenomena in the closed plasma formation will be applied both theoretical methods of the mathematical analysis and experimental methods.


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