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Repetitive Plasma Injectors


Development of Repetitive Plasma Injectors for a Generator of Superpower Electromagnetic Pulses

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  • PHY-PLS/Plasma Physics/Physics

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Leading Institute
Kurchatov Research Center, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • MRTI (Radio Techniques), Russia, Moscow


  • Sandia National Laboratories, USA, NM, Albuquerque

Project summary

The purpose of the project is development, creation and investigation of Repetitive Plasma Injectors (RPI) for a Plasma Opening Switch POS in Sandia National Labs with a subsequent use of MCPOS as a power intensifying element of the powerful repetitive generator which is under development in Sandia. The parameters of the generator output pulse are as follows: 30 MA, 8 MV, 100 ns. Another application of RPI may be a curing of coatings using an intensive ultra-violet irradiation created during the surface discharge in RPIs. (Plasma Opening Switch is an inductive energy storage system current switching element which intensifies the power and transfers it to the load (electron diode, liner, pinch). It consists of the vacuum gap filled with current conducting plasma of plasma injectors).

Repetitive POS technology was first appeared in Russia.

The main technical problem to be solved is an increase of life for RPI up to 1000 pulses while working in a scheme of MCPOS or to 106 and more for technology applications – and measurement of spatial and mass-energy parameters of the plasma created by RPI. Recent repetitive POS technology allows creating generators for commercial use. As a result of the project execution a new opportunities to create non-expensive POSes for MA current levels and TW power will broaden the area of technology application.

Expected results are intended for: 1) use in the design of magnetically controlled switch (MCPOS) for X-l generator module in Sandia National Laboratories, USA. Input module parameters: 2.5 MA, 2 MV, 500 ns. Expected output parameters: 1 MA, 5-8 MV, 100-200 ns. A lifetime is 1000 shots. 2) for use in industrial technology of coatings curing.

A potential role of foreign collaborators includes offering of elements for a test-bench for plasma injectors’ tests in RF and preparation and conduction of joint tests and experiments for created plasma injectors’ samples in Sandia Natl. Labs in the USA.


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