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Liquid and Solid Nanocarbon Materials


Investigation of Structure and Physical Properties of Liquid and Solid Nanocarboncontaining Mediums

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  • CHE-THE/Physical and Theoretical Chemistry/Chemistry
  • MAT-COM/Composites/Materials

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Leading Institute
Tajik National University, Tajikistan, Dushanbe


  • University of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign / Department of Materials Science and Engineering, USA, IL, Urbana\nNanoCarbon Research Institute Ltd., Japan, Chiba

Project summary

Project objective is establishment of interrelation of structure and physical properties of nanocarboncontaining metals and polymers with technology of their reception and features of nanocarbon fillers. Despite of extensive examinations in the field of finding of a correlation between the structure and physical properties of nanocarboncontaining metals and polymers, this problem is far from the solution. It is stipulated first of all by specificity of a structure and the physicochemical properties of nanocarbon materials, complex structural organization of polymers and metals, their greater sensitivity external effects, inadequacy of behavior of building blocks in a field of external forces, etc. Development of the present project allows to reveal the new sides of display of interrelation between structural organization and physical properties of nanocomposite materials, and also with technology of their reception that is the important contribution to the advancement of science of physical and polymer chemistry and metals, nanoscience, nanotechnology, medicine, industry and etc.

Participants of the project are experts in the field of physical chemistry, polymer and metals technology, have sufficient experience in the solution of the problems, having fundamental and applied significances.

At realization of the project it is expected, that on the basis of detailed examinations of behavior of building blocks nanocarboncontaining metals and polymers at a wide variation of technological parameters of their reception, to emerge mechanisms of development of straining processes, new data on structural technology of new nanocompositions will be received, etc.

Practical value of the project consists that methods of reception of new nanocarbon materials with the best production of characteristics will be offered. Received results can serve as a help material at making new constructional items.

The offered project answers ISTC purposes for realization of reorientation of weapon scientists into peace activity and their integration into international scientific community, etc.

The volume of in-progress activities under the project is designed for three years (36 months), with use of the modern procedures of the physicochemical experiment, application of computer engineering for carrying out of theoretical accounts, processing and the analysis of experimental data.

In successful realization of the project, its examination, evaluation test and results of operation, rendering of assistance in fulfillment of research and technological operations, etc. the leading part belongs to foreign collaborators without which sharing the project results is impossible.


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