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Database on Fission Products Release


Creation of a Database for Computational Codes, Realizing Detailed Mathematical Modeling of a Radioactive Fission Products Realize from Fuel Rods VVER 440, VVER 1000

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  • FIR-MOD/Modelling/Fission Reactors

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Leading Institute
FEI (IPPE), Russia, Kaluga reg., Obninsk

Supporting institutes

  • OKB Gidropress, Russia, Moscow reg., Podolsk\nAll-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Non-Organic Materials named after A. Bochvar, Russia, Moscow\nKurchatov Research Center / Institute of Nuclear Reactors, Russia, Moscow

Project summary

The purpose of the present project is a creation of estimated database for carrying out of the best calculated estimates of radioactive fission products release from unhermetic or damaged VVER-440, VVER-1000 fuel rods in the coolant

The main project tasks:

- Creation of the database on initial design and technological peculiarities of VVER 440, VVER 1000 fuel rods;
- Creation of a database under the existing experimental and calculation tests for verification of computational codes, realizing best estimate of radioactive fission products (RFP) release from VVER unhermetic fuel rods.
- Creation of the estimated database on physical-chemical parameters of UO2 and MOX fuel for carrying out best estimates RFP release from unhermetic VVER fuel rods.
- Verification of the available computational codes, realizing detailed mathematical models of RFP release from VVER fuel rods.
- Testing the database for a throughout calculation of the RFP release by using detailed mathematical models, to reveal missing, but necessary experimental information for the creation of verifiable tests, included MOX fuel rods.

To achieve project purposes the following technical approaches and methods will be used:

- Analysis and accumulation of the literary data on experimental and computational activities in the field of the radioactive fission products (RFP) release from VVER fuel rods to the coolant in various modes of its activity;
- Realization of expert estimations of suitability of the received experimental data from literary sources as test initial materials (trial test calculations);
- Using well known popular programs for neutron-physical and thermo-hydraulics calculations;
- Using domestic and foreign codes for calculations of the radioactive fission products (RFP) release. These codes realize detailed mathematical models for major physical -chemical processes;
- Creation of a database in the standard form using the program complexes, compatible with WINDOWS;
- Realization of the completeness of the created database analysis and estimating the errors of their elements.

Under the proposed projective aim to achieve the following results:

First, scientific goals during the test calculations with use various codes practical adequate of the used detailed models of radioactive fission products (RFP) release from VVER fuel rods will be analyzed;

Secondly, technical results, as a verifiable version of a computational code VVERRAD will be calculated and used in project activities; Besides the results of the project have a commercial value, because generated and appreciated database and verifiable computational code VVERRAD can be sold.

The created estimated database on physical-chemical parameters of UO2 and MOX fuel rods, may be used for verification of domestic and foreign codes realizing detailed mathematical models of RFP release from VVER fuel rods.

The potential role of the foreign collaborators.

The role of the foreign collaborators may be useful for project on the following aspects:

- exchange of a published information about experimental and calculation tests, describing radioactive fission products release from VVER and PWR fuel rods (especially for MOX fuel),
- exchange of computational cods, modeling radioactive fission products release from unhermetic fuel rods and verification of its for VVER and PWR.


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