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New forms of condensed carbon: quasi-two-dimensional graphites and fullerenes.

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  • MAT-SYN/Materials Synthesis and Processing/Materials

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Senior Project Manager
Lapidus O V

Leading Institute
NIIGrafit, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • INEOS (Organo-Element Compounds), Russia, Moscow\nRussian Academy of Sciences / Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics, Russia, Moscow\nRussian Academy of Sciences / Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics, Russia, Moscow


  • Ecole Supérieure de Chimie, France, Paris\nUniversity of Sussex, UK, Brighton\nComplexo Instituto Superior Technico / Centro di Quimica Estural, Portugal, Lisbon\nUniversity of Exeter, UK, Exeter\nMax-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik, Germany, Heidelberg\nUniversität Clausthal-Zellerfeld / Institut für Anogranishe und Algemeine Chemie, Germany, Clausthal\nCNRS / Institut des Matériaux de Nantes, France, Nantes

Project summary

The Project is aimed at the development and production of materials with unusual properties (electrophysical, including superconducting ones, magnetic, optical and so forth). For these purposes quasi-two-dimensional graphites (QTDG), carbon clusters (fullerenes) and nanofilament carbon structures (NFCS) will be used as starting materials.

It is expected, that in the process of Project realization there will be developed QTDG having exceptional electric properties for unsupported suspenders, magnetic field compensators, thermocouples and so forth.

In the course of the Project realization there will be joined efforts of scientists from 5 Institutions (supported by subcontracting Institutions) connected by investigations of purely carbon materials, having different topology (flat quasi-two-dimensional structure, carbon cages and tubes). It is supposed that the Project will be organized and realized in the following manner:

1. There will be developed laboratory specimens of QTDG, fullerenes and NFCS;

2. These specimens will be treated (eg. QTDG will me modified by different methods, fullerenes will be functionalized, NFCS will be doped and so forth) to obtained desiarable properties, and the methods and technology of there production will be improved;

3. There will done necessary physico-chemical investigations of materials under consideration; necessary theoretical calculations will be also performed;

4. It is expected that there will be developed materials with new electrophysical, optical and magnetic properties, and there will be modified properties of yet known materials;

5. On the basis of obtained results there will be made attempts to make devices using the obtained properties;

6. Works in the Project will be finished by the final technical report and recommendations on the practical usage of obtained results, including commercial.

For the convenience the Project is pided into three parts (A, B and C) everyone is being connected with the particular type of initial graphite structure (QTDG, fullerenes and NFCS). This is done by the reason that methods and technologies of their production differ substantionally at present, and are realized at different Institutions.

Works on carbon materials, carried out by specialists of the present project, were oriented earlier on development of special military systems.

This Proposal is aimed at usage of accumulate experience and equipment for development of new carbon-containing solid structures, valuable for high technological civil applications.

The main goal of this Project is reorientation of scientific researches to the solving of civil problems – wide application of new forms of carbon in civil aviation and space technology, medicine, electronics, instrumentation industry, etc.


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