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Technologies and Equipment for Transport Infrastructures


Innovative Solutions in the Sphere of Activity of Infrastructural Enterprises of Transport

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  • MAN-OTH/Other/Manufacturing Technology

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Leading Institute
Research-Scientific Institute of Transport, Kazakstan, Almaty

Supporting institutes

  • AO Engineering Plant, Kazakstan, Almaty


  • Parker Hannifin GmbH, Germany, Mucke

Project summary

The project “Innovative solutions in the sphere of activity of infrastructural enterprises of transport ” is developed according to principles of ISTC activity. It is directed to conversion processes at defense enterprises of CIS countries by development of samples of new engineering and technologies for the enterprises ensuring activity of transport sector of economy.

The aims of the project are investigation and development of technologies and equipment for various transport infrastructures. Their introduction will allow to sufficiently improve operational, environmental and economical conditions of the whole transport industry.

The project provides development of principally new samples and preparation of practical-technological conditions for pilot production of the following kinds of machines and mechanisms:

– an installation for buses, cars, trolley buses, trams bodies and sheet products dressing (further in the text "the vacuum installation");

– an installation for irrigative and near-curb sections of highways cleaning (further in the text "the cleaning installation");

– a device for monitoring of the roll surface of wheel pairs at movement of the rail rolling-stock and measurements of the diameter of wheel pairs at its stop (further in the text - "the monitoring device");

– technology and a device for a trenchless laying of service lines in transport main roads (further in the text – “ the laying device”);

– investigations on dynamic regimes of movement of the rail rolling-stock (further in the text – “ dynamics investigations”).

The vacuum installation will find wide application for dents dressing on bodies of various sizes of cars, lorries, buses, and also deformed sheet metal, which are restored with the help of technological process by the vacuum installation up to the initial sizes. An advantage of this technology is in its low labour input, high efficiency and high quality of restoration of the deformed bodies. In view of uniqueness of manufacture there are a lot of potential consumers in Kazakhstan and CIS countries, where there are factories, workshops and service stations for repair of vehicles bodies.

The cleaning installation … belongs to devices of ameliorative and road engineering used at cleaning of irrigating channels and near-curb sections of roads.

The given method includes intake, transportation and emission of pollution by the working equipment of the device for near-curb sections cleaning.

Technical result of the invention on devices consists in expansion of its functionalities and simplification of the construction.

The monitoring device … is intended for testing of technical condition of the roll surface of wheel pairs of rail rolling-stock and their diameter measurement without dismantling from the rolling-stock (railway passenger and cargo trains, trams, various cranes).

The laying device… is intended for underground pipes or cables laying along and under various transport main roads without traffic disturbance by a trenchless method for the first time or on the base of service lines, existed or exhausting their resource. This method possesses sufficient economical and ecological advantages especially for zones of industrial and urban building.

Dynamics investigations… will allow to reveal reasons and character of various types of oscillations of rail rolling-stock components, influence of construction and operation factors and will make it possible to prepare recommendations on practically improvement of movement quality.

The main scientific-engineering features of the project and its significance consist in creation of new highly efficient technologies and equipment, their technical substantiation and introduction for one of the leading industries. Developments and investigations apply to several problems of support of transport systems operation. It’ll allow to simplify reorganization processes, to increase productivity and to expand spectrum of mechanization of the most labour-consuming work in the industry.


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