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Increasing of the agricultural crop yield


Significant increase in the agricultural crop yield by synergy of ecologically safe methods

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  • AGR-FOD/Food & Nutrition/Agriculture
  • PHY-OTH/Other/Physics

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Tbilisi State University, Georgia, Tbilisi

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  • Georgian Technical University, Georgia, Tbilisi


  • University of Malaga, Spain, Malaga\nArgonne National Laboratory (ANL) / Advanced Photon Source, USA, IL, Argonne\nUniversity of Cambridge, UK, Cambridge

Project summary

The goals of the proposed project are:
- working out the recommendations providing a significant increase in the agricultural crop yields by synergy of ecologically safe methods (introduction into the soil of combined mixture of natural zeolites and various organic or inorganic fertilizers and pre sowing treatment of seeds by their exposition in electromagnetic field of acoustic range (EMFAR)) ased on the laboratory and field experiments,.
- preparation a base for the creation of adequate mathematical model based on statistical data processing and analysis; This modal would allow to select the optimal parameters of the soil composition and field in real conditions;
- formulation of the hypothesis about the reasons of a significant rise in crop under conditions of combined use of the above methods;
- planning the ways for further increase in agricultural crop.
Current status: Worldwide growth of population, the degraded, contaminated soils as a result of irrational, intensive application of mineral fertilizers, the significant dependence of crop on the climatic zones, decreasing of earth magnetic field, global warming are some of the causes which considerably make worse the supplying to mankind by food products. On the way of elimination of this complexity, one of the important objectives is the increase of the of the agricultural crop yield with relatively less expenditure; wherein, the product should be ecologically safe. All the above stipulates a great interest in finding new ways for agricultural crop increase and in developing the methods for resolving the problem.
There is a great volume of works carried out recently devoted to seed pre-sowing treatment in magnetic field and to soil enrichment by the combined mixture of natural zeolites and various organic or inorganic fertilizers. To the best of our knowledge, still there is no report in scientific literature concerning the effects of collective application of these methods.
The project’ influence on progress in this area: The Project is of particular importance, since its realization will contribute not only to a maximal increase in crop yield but also to analysis of the reasons, which provoke this effect. The research of this kind would be extremely important for development of more effective methods.
It should be stressed, that the realization of the project will have a certein importance for the overview of the mechanisms of action of low frequency electromagnetic fields on the living organisms, that represents one of the most actual problems of the modern biophysics and medicine.
Expected results By means of merging of the proposed methods, the following positive effects are expected to be obtained:
- Crop yield of grain cultures will considerably increase, the crop losses will decrease; the crop will be ecologically safe;
- Financial and labor expenditure will be curtailed.
It is remarkable that the period between sowing and reaping will be reduced minimum by 20-25 days.


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