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NPP Diagnostic Equipment Demonstration


A concluding Stage of Scientific and Technical Studies and Development of Industrial piezoelectric Transducers for Diagnosing NPP Equipment (Continuation projects # 049; 075)

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  • FIR-INS/Nuclear Instrumentation/Fission Reactors

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Senior Project Manager
Kondratenkov Yu B

Leading Institute
VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov


  • TESIS Sofware, Belgium, Leuven\nCEA / DRN / DER / CEN Cadarache, France, Cadarache

Project summary

During a short period of time (two years) a family of piezoelectric transducers (accelerometers, vibroacoustic and acoustoemissiori sensors) has been developed in RFNC-VNIIEF for diagnosing condition of NPP (nuclear power plant) machinery to prevent from emergency situations caused by violation of normal operation conditions (ISTC projects № 049-94 "Development of industrial accelerometers for vibration diagnostics of NPP equipment" and № 075-94 "Development of acoustic sensor equipment for tightness check system of NPP reactor facilities"). Experimental lots of transducers (10-15 of each type) manufactured at RFNC-VNIIEF pilot-plant showed the possibility of attaining necessary metrological and technical characteristics. However, operation of sensor equipment at NPP specifies strict requirements for providing the guaranteed quality in its commercial production, as well as for its certification including the international one. The latter results from the fact that during the project activities there were requests, including those from foreign firms, for the annual supply of about 5000 developed transducers.

In 1996 commercial tests of specified sensor prototypes were started using the equipment of Leningrad and Novovoronezh nuclear power plants. The preliminary results are favorable; however, there is a necessity of proceeding with tests.

The project objective is a concluding stage of scientific and technical studies and development of industrial piezoelectric transducers for diagnosing NPP equipment (continuation of ISTC projects №№ 049, 075).

As a result, it will make it possible not only to provide a scientific and technical training for commercial production of diagnostic systems for NPP equipment and other facilities, which can be ecologically dangerous, but also to reorient the group of specialists (dozens of persons) previously involved in nuclear weapon development and production.

Technical Approach and Methodology

Technical approach and methodology include taking into account a specific character of RFNC-VNIIEF pilot production, making the most use of its test basis; drawing experienced nuclear weapon specialists in development, production organization and commercial production of piezosensor equipment.

The project is to be concluded with completing commercial tests at NPP, preparing the set of design and technological documentation for a series production of sensor equipment, with patent and license activities, certification of production-ready sensors at the State Standard of Russia or at one of the specialized foreign centers, with preparing feasibility study results of setting up a specialized high quality providing facility (enterprise) for producing piezosensor equipment for Minatom of Russia, with submitting the draft business-plan to foreign (or native) investors, training of specialists.

Probable Role of Foreign Partners

The proposed project activities will continue ISTC projects №№ 049-94 and 075-94 and make up a concluding stage of preparing the design documentation for a series production of industrial piezoelectric transducers for diagnosing NPP equipment.

It is possible that foreign partners show interest for the following:

1) full or partial participation (for example, of the firms producing the means for technical diagnostics of mechanical systems) in the proposed project financing (together with the ISTC);
2) foreign investor participation in investments for setting up the enterprise (company) concerned with the development and production of specialized piezoelectric sensor equipment (working out of the business-plan complying with international requirements is one of the project expected results);
3) order for delivery to Russia or foreign countries of the project developed sensor equipment (after the project has terminated) (applications have already started coming, see the letter from "TESIS BVBA", Belgium);
4) foreign partner participation in joint activities aimed at developing the means of technical diagnostics, nondestructive inspection as well as certifying acoustic sensors.


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