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Thermal Safety of Chemical Processes


Conversion of the Research and Development System "Investigation of Thermal Explosion of Propellants, Gunpowders and Explosives" to the Research and Development System "Thermal Safety of Chemical Processes and Technology"

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  • MAT-EXP/Explosives/Materials

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Senior Project Manager
Kulikov G G

Leading Institute
Russian Scientific Center of Applied Chemistry, Russia, St Petersburg

Supporting institutes

  • Cheminform St Petersburg Ltd., Russia, St Petersburg

Project summary

The main purpose of this project is to transfer the scientific and technical expertise of the Russian Scientific Center "Applied Chemistry" (RSC AC) and its achievements and considerable experience in the field of solving thermal explosion problems for highly energetic propellants, gunpowder and explosives intended for space rockets, aircraft missiles, etc., to a solution of thermal safety problems for civilian chemical industrial processes.

In particular, this project will:

- involve the Russian specialists who formerly worked at creating military technology in Russia, to non-military activities. Through this project these specialists will be drawn into the world market economy and be aware of market driving forces;
- introduce new fundamental and applied developments in the field of safety of chemical industry, especially in relation to various demands of human health and environment
- protection;
- bring the Russian specialists who formerly worked at creating military technology in contact to the world scientific community;
- increase the scientific, technological and industrial knowledge base of Russia.

Expected Results

The results of this project are the formulation and validation of necessary theoretical principles (i.e., new theoretical development for adiabatic and non-isothermal calorimetry, methodology of investigation of reaction kinetics by using adiabatic calorimetry, etc.), the elaboration of a new adiabatic calorimeter and pulse-flow heterogeneous fixed bed reactor prototypes, and the development of original pieces of software for solving a wide variety of thermal safety problems. These proposed developments and achievements are highly appreciated by the leading open the Russian militarized scientific community towards new industrial applications and to initiate new economic development in Russia and abroad.

Scientific and technical significance of the Project

The Project will expand considerably the theoretical grounds and methods in thermal safety of chemical processes by applying new mathematical simulation methods combined with innovative experimental techniques.

It will spur a strong activity in thermal safety investigations in Russia, which is of great importance both for Russia and the world community.

Commercial significance of the Project

Implementation of the Project will provide a new generation of software intended for study of thermal safety of chemical processes. This software will be for commercial use in a short period of time. The estimated volume of sales within a period of two years after finishing the project is in the range of 10-20 software copies with price ranging US $ 50,000 per one copy.

In addition, this Project will provide new adiabatic calorimeter and pulse-flow heterogeneous -catalytic reactor prototypes that could be commercialized in a near future.

Scope of Activities technical Approach and methodology

The Project is constructed along four main lines of activity.

The first activity will focus on the development of a new generation of software for chemical reaction kinetics evaluation, and reactor simulation customized for Windows-95 and NT that can work both in local and network modes. This software will meet current international quality control standards.

The second activity will focus on the development of a new method of studying gas phase heterogeneous catalytic processes with applying a pulse-flow fixed bed reactor.

The third activity will focus on the development of an adiabatic calorimeter to study thermal safety of chemical processes with better technical characteristics than those available commercially.

The fourth activity will focus on presentation of the project development and progress to an international potential market (i.e. to leading Chemical Groups of Europe and the USA; at international conferences; by organizing seminar series on "Thermal safety of chemical processes and technologies" in RSC AC for a wide audience of specialists; and by publications in leading scientific journals). Series of workshops and training courses given by RSC AC experts and organized by RP will be scheduled to facilitate the technology transfer from RSC AC to RP specialists. These courses will provide an opportunity for the software developers to meet and discuss potential improvements of software with RP engineers.


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