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High-Voltage Gas Switches Maintenance


Development and Production of Trial Samples of the Mobile Gas-Technologic Complex for Environmentally Safe Maintenance of High-Voltage SF6 Switches

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  • NNE-OTH/Other/Non-Nuclear Energy

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Leading Institute
VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov

Supporting institutes

  • Krzhizhanovsky Energetics Institute, Russia, Moscow

Project summary

The project envisions development and manufacture of trial sample of the principally new mobile gas-technologic complex (MGTC), providing environmentally safe maintenance of high-voltage SF6 (ele-gas) switches.

Environmental safety is due to implementation of closed technologic loop principle.

The activities executed will involve the previously proposed by the Project authors technical solutions on purification and regeneration of ele-gas, implemented in operating facilities.

Adsorption system will serve as the basis to implement technologic processes of ele-gas purification and regeneration, as well as removal of spent ele-gas together with decomposition products from the operating media of high-voltage switches.

Adsorption system of spent ele-gas removal will provide safer labor conditions for maintenance personnel and longer service life of compressor facility.

The authors of the Project propose to create special vessels to store and transport ele-gas, providing product quality conservation. High quality is provided by implementation of original technical solutions on welding and treatment of special vessel interior surfaces.

The authors have earlier created the facilities for ele-gas purification and regeneration named “Utro”, which are successfully implemented in gas-technologic cycles of powerful laser facilities.

Feasibility of a principally new MGTC was demonstrated in the course of development of mobile complex demo sample, assigned to service separately located switches like VGU.

With consideration to operation of demo sample at Arzamas sub-station, the authors of the Project proposed several technical solutions, providing closed technologic loop of ele-gas utilization and subsequent creation of MGTC, meeting international standard ISO 9001.

Within complex demo model operation calculated/theoretic dependencies of ele –gas pressure in high-voltage devices versus environmental temperature were tested. Calculations, based on ele-gas state equations, were in good coordination with experimental results. Within the scope of the Project it needs to specify the above dependencies to automate the process of high-voltage device filling with ele-gas on this basis.

MGTC development activities will include theoretic and experimental problems of ele-gas decomposition products formation and their interaction with construction materials.

From environmental standpoint the following issues are assumed to be solved:

– spent ele-gas will be collected in special vessels and restored (recycled) for further utilization;
– harmful gaseous and solid products of ele-gas decomposition will be neutralized and utilized in special containers;
– vacuum facility exhaust will be equipped with filters, preventing environmental pollution.

It is being presumed to study characteristics of adsorption filters and their effect on dynamics of seizure of different admixtures.

Strong conviction of the authors that the goals stated in the project will be met is based on previous scientific-technical developments and the results of several papers issued in world literature.

Project-related activities will be headed by the experienced scientists. The Project manager S.V. Grigorovich is the leading VNIIEF expert on design and development of elementary base for gas-technologic cycles of powerful laser and high-voltage facilities, using ele-gas as operational mixture.

Grigorovich S.V. heads the team possessing great experience in design and technologic developments.

Scientific manager of the Project, L.M. Vinogradsky is the leading VNIIEF expert on development and study of gas feeding systems for laser and high-voltage facilities. He developed and commissioned a number of gas-feeding systems for production facilities.

I.M. Mazurin– Project manager from Moscow Energy Institute after Krzhizhanovsky is the leading expert on gas-servicing systems involving ele-gas. He is the author of many scientific works and inventions within the technology of fine purification and regeneration of fluorine-comprising compositions. He created the unique gas-servicing systems like “Grotesk” and “Ozherelie” and several facilities of “Utro” type, each of them had undergone durable operation cycle in different institutions.

The Project team is subpided into groups, each of them providing its own specific services.

The first group is represented by VNIIEF research personnel, who will provide theoretic and experimental study of processes inside ele-gas as a result of its implementation in high-voltage hardware. They will determine MGTC characteristics and develop Task Order.

The second group is represented by SDD-1 experts, who will be involved into studies of ele-gas regeneration and development of adsorption accumulators of waste ele-gas.

The third group includes designers and technologic staff from VNIIEF and SDD-1, who will be constructing MGTC and the associated equipment, as well as mastering the technology, producing and testing on stands MGTC elements.

Scientific results, obtained by Project executors, will be proposed for scientific literature, reports to the conferences and patenting.

Several foreign companies, involved into similar activities, such as Siemens and ABB have displayed interest to the essence of the Project.


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