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Analytic Information System on Health Risk Analysis


Development of Analytic Information System to Carry out Analysis of Health Risk from Technogenic and Natural Sources of Harmful Impact

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  • ENV-MRA/Modelling and Risk Assessment/Environment
  • INF-SOF/Software/Information and Communications
  • INF-DAT/Data Storage and Peripherals/Information and Communications
  • ENV-MIN/Monitoring and Instrumentation/Environment

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Leading Institute
Kurchatov Research Center, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • CentreInvest Soft, Russia, Moscow


  • SENES Oak Ridge Inc., USA, TN, Oak Ridge\nRiso National Laboratory / Section of Applied Health Physics, Denmark, Roskilde\nHarvard University, USA, MA, Cambridge\nEcole des Mines de Paris / Centre d'Energetique, France, Paris

Project summary

The main objective of the project is the development and introduction of integral multi-functional analytic information system (AIS) and its separate components to carry out assessment and analysis of health risk from different technogenic and natural sources of harmful impact and to support decision making on environment protection, safety ensuring, socio-hygienic monitoring, etc. in different areas of people activity.

AIS is mainly intended for research institutions, regulating and controlling bodies, responsible for population safety, protection of environment and public health. Besides, it can be used as an informational base for state authorised bodies (ministries, parliament committees, etc.), public and ecological organisations.

Actuality of developing AIS is caused, from one side, by needs in complex interdisciplinary risk analysis with using great amount of input data and assessment models. From other side, latest achievements in the hard- and software give the real possibility to produce AIS with properties and capabilities demanded.

By the end of the 20-th century health risk assessment and analysis became to be one of the principal mechanisms of making decisions on public safety ensuring and environment protection. The current regulation acts and documents dictate necessity of risk analysis: the federal laws on the environment protection, sanitary-epidemiological prosperity, public radiation safety, etc.

Main project tasks. To achieve the declared objectives the comprehensive scientific research and programming works will be performed.

By the most general view AIS will consist of two interdepended blocks: informational and analytical one’s. Every block contents one or several functional subsystems. Main destination of the informational block is to systematise and structurise information in the form of a knowledge base convenient for access and use. The block should execute all necessary operations with information: collection, analysis, cleaning, aggregation, accumulation, control, etc.

Analytical block is the set of program units for the extraction and use of the information accumulated, performance of the risk assessment and analysis, beginning from the simple table and (or) graphic presentation of a part of information and ending with use of developed calculation codes for risk assessment and its results to support the decision making.

The research work will be aimed at solving the following tasks:

– Preparation of the general methodology of health risk assessment and specific additions for concrete harmful impact sources;

– Elaboration of the calculation algorithms, calculation and analysis procedures (codes);
– Systematisation, classification and structurisation of the information data, etc.

On the basis of the investigation results the general system specifications will be prepared for the further steps of designing and development of AIS.

Programming part of the works includes developing subsystems of the input data collection; storing and managing data; calculation modules and analytical processing of data.

Competence of the project participants. Scientists and specialists from the Russian Research Centre “Kurchatov institute” (RRC KI) and company “CenterInvest Soft” will take part in the project.

The leading research organisation RRC KI has accumulated a considerable experience in the development of tools for health risk assessment and analysis. This development was carried out in the frame of national (research programs of Emercom and Minatom of Russia) and international research projects (Chernobyl project EC-CIS JSP2, IAEA co-ordinated program on development of means for comparative risk assessment), including ISTC project #1224. The methodical and computer complex BARD (bank data for analysis of risk) for radiation and partly non-radiation risk assessment has been developed with different applications.

Company “CenterInvest Soft” is one of the recognised company in the area of developing computer program productions and decisions on informational technology. It has the experience of work in the frame of ISTC project # Y2K-8 (Monitoring of readiness to solve “the problem of 2000” of the automatic systems of chemically dangerous establishments in the Moscow regions) together with Emercom research institutions. Organisation “CentreInvest Soft” was certificated by Microsoft company and has the status of its authorised partners as well as of other recognised firms in the area of informational technologies. “CenterInvest Soft” developed the computer program product VisualDoc (“system of managing business information”). This product is one of the developed national designer of informational systems.

The foreign collaborators can participate in the analysis of the project materials: the description of the AIS project, reports and publications with the project results, etc. Besides one can consider possibilities of their participation in the working meetings and preparation of mutual papers for seminars or conferences. The project participants believe that the assistance and support of the foreign collaborators will be very helpful. This assistance and support will be accepted with gratitude.

Expected results. The following results are expected to be obtained in the framework of the project:

1. Improved methodology and calculation models of the health risk assessment for ionising radiation, chemical environmental contamination and other sources of harmful impact, developed on the basis of the previous RRC KI achievements and the new national and international publications.

2. AIS prototype, which consists of two interdepended blocks: informational and analytical one’s. The first block contains data bases; means of control, development and remote access; the second one includes calculation modules.
3. Bases of different data in AIS will be developed and filled including the health-demographic data for different territories of Russia, etc. to carry out risk assessment; test and verification calculations will be made to prove the efficiency of AIS as a whole and its separate parts.

Technical approach and methodology. The design and programming of AIS will be based on the technology of development of large program complexes, containing the elements of the methodology and concept of designing intelligent systems. The systems VisualDoc and BARD will be used as primary prototypes for AIS development.

Combination of modern systems of data base control - MS SQL Server and file systems – will be used as a data storage and transfer medium. The program interface of the access to the data from the external application programs will be developed on the basis of COM ARI technology. Calculation modules are developed using the improved methods and models of risk assessment. The program modules developed should be tested and documented: themselves, in the mutual interactions and in the interactions with the common soft-ware means.


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