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Pure Substances Transportation


Development of Special Containers for Storage and Transportation of Specially Pure Substances

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  • MAT-OTH/Other/Materials

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Leading Institute
VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov

Supporting institutes

  • Institute of Chemistry of High Purity Substances, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., N. Novgorod


  • HRAST Ltd., UK, Ramsey\nDepartment of Chemistry, USA, OH, Cincinnati\nVitcon Spezialwerkstoffe GmbH, Germany, Jena\nAutomergic Chemical Corporatin / Automergic Chemical Corporatin (Russian Office), USA, New York\nPall GmbH, Germany, Frankfurt am Main

Project summary

The objective of this Project is creation of brand new types of special containers providing class 7N...8N specially pure substances (SPS) quality maintenance (main product content not less than 99.99999% wt.) widely used in microelectronics and fiber optics.

The problem under investigation have emerged due to increased requirements to initial substances purity and the latest developments on the synthesis and purification of a set of products accomplished by IChHPS RAS, Nizhny Novgorod, which allow to obtain class 7N...8N SPS.

The scope of activities is being carried out using previous technologies on special stainless steel and niobium containers production for the substances not less then 6N, synthesized by the project participants. SPS quality maintenance would be provided due to high quality processing of inner surfaces by mechanic and electrochemic methods developed by executing stuff. Inner surface high quality in obtained thanks to container body segmentation which allows to simplify processing of its parts resulting in operating surface roughness less then 0.3mkm. Making of separate container body elements is done by electron-beam welding in vacuum with the original lock joint helping to maintain the identity of the entire inner surface. The process of electrochemic polishing and welding are unique and patented by the participants.

Project activities include investigation of corrosive SPS interaction with structural material; Optimization of design solution with respect to strength and economics parameters; prototype and experimental samples of special container of up to 20 L capacity manufacture and testing.

Change of impurities composition in high-pure inorganic chlorides(SiCl4, SiHCl3) hydrides(GeH4, AsH3, PH3) and metalorganic substances ((CH3)2Cd and others) will be studied at the level of contents ten times higher of the requested for micro- and optoelectronics. Based on the analysis the rate of stored substances pollution will be determined to prognosticate their purity.

Expected results

The project should result in creation of brand new experimental samples of special container of up to 20 L capacity aimed for storage and shipment of aggressive and corrosive SPS.

The developed models of special containers may be used in microelectronics and fiberoptics.

As a result of experimental activities the optimum combination of construction materials is to be determined, which are gaseous and liquid aggressive and corrosive substance-proof, such as nonorganic chlorides, hydrides and metalorganic substances. Latest information of great scientific interest is to be obtained as well.

Project development incorporates questions of container environmental safety and its further certification for the foreign market.

Technical approach and methodology

The projected activities are based on the accumulated by VNIIEF and IChHPS expertise in special container creation for SPS shipment and storage and designing products contacting aggressive substances using latest materials and technologies.

During the research special pure substances will be used, which now are synthesized on experimental stands belonging to Participating Institutions. The temporary dependencies of SPS pollution by the material of container will be determined. The techniques of the impurity analysis at the level 10-5-10-10% will be developed and used for research realization. Investigation set will allow to work out criteria for materials applicability and to develop the technology of creation of special containers for long-term storage of SPS with a content of main substance not less than 99,99999%.

In the course of the Project the research and improvement of technologies will be conducted using existing RFNC-VNIIEF and IChHPS RAS experimental and technological stands with modern complexes of diagnostic and measuring equipment.

The results obtained within the framework of the Project are to be presented at the international scientific conferences, seminars, and discussed within foreign collaborator meetings.

Expected foreign collaboration

In the course of the Project its executors intend to collaborate with a number of leading firms on special containersand SPS production, namely: "MERK", "Siemens", "Vitron", "PALL" (Germany), "BOC", "ENGELHARD" (Great Britain), "Atomergic" (USA), "L'AIR LIQUIDE" (France) and "AGA" (Sweden), in the form of consultations and discussions. It is expedient to invite these organizations to participate as Project as collaborators.

At the final stage of the Project fulfillment the search of foreign partners to organize joint manufacture of special containers for SPS will be conducted.


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